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Grounding Strap Locations

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After repairing a signal and tail light problem I have been trying to track down where all the grounding points and straps are located on a 1978 Bronco.  I found the four ground points for front and rear headlights, and the grounding point for the ignition harness on the steering column bracket, and the ground from the negative post on the battery to the engine manifold on the right front side of the engine. If I am not mistaken, there should be a grounding strap from the engine to the chassis and the chassis to the frame.  I looked through the online EMV trouble shooting guide and did not see the location for either. Please advise.


Thank you.


Jim Meek

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Yo Jim,

What engine do you have?

Following info is best I have, but some owners cited may have overlooked a ground or a previous owner may have butchered the wiring.

"The original ground wire in mine had a flap crimped on it to bolt it to the frame, the end went to the block. I believe on the original motor was a strap that went from the intake to the firewall... but I'm not certain of that"
by 78Bronco460 in a 78 351M or 400M, but replaced with a 460.
"I noticed yesterday that I have a ground from the battery to the front of the block and nothing else. Should I have a ground from the block to the frame and one from the frame to the body or just stop at frame?
If I need one from the block to the frame then where is a good spot to do so?" by Ol' Blue 78 in a 78 351M or 400M
response, "You should have good robust ground straps connecting all three." by bmc69 in a 78 351M or 400M
"My battery grounds to the block, and I have a braided strap that runs from the back of the intake manifold to the firewall. Ideally there should be another ground wire/strap to the frame but my Bronco seems to get along well enough without one." by vmirmow in a 79 351M
"well to add, mine has a worn braided wire from back of intake to firewall, it is clearly visible with the air cleaner off. I couldn't find one to the frame either, but then again I wasn't looking to hard" by pretorian in a 79 351M
"Mine has the negative lead from the battery going to the frame just to the right of where the battery sit. I have a cable from battery to block near starter and then from back of driver side head to frame. I have one going from body to back of head by mattoehler in a 79 400M
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Thanks for the response Al. My '78 has the 400M. I will pull the breather off of it tomorrow and check the back of the intake as there is a stud bolt visible on the fire wall just aft of the breather. Was unable to find a frame to chassis ground cable but will continue to look for it.



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Factory ground strap from firewall to intake manifold was still installed but was looking pretty worn so I replaced it with a braided ground strap. Still no luck finding a factory ground from the chassis to the frame so I installed a battery ground cable from the firewall directly to the frame. Did a test run to ensure there was no degradation in the electrical system and gauges. So far everything's working as it should. at this point all grounds are in place per the information you provided Al. Thank you again for your assistance as I have been a Jeep owner the last two decades ('80 CJ-5. '85 CJ-7, '81 CJ-8) and am still in the process of learning my way around my first Bronco.





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