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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Your signature file is important when asking for assistance and will hopefully get you a more accurate and helpful response.  It is preferable that you at least have your trucks vital information like, (year, engine, running gear, tire size, any modifications you are aware of, etc.).  


You can add anything to your signature that you think someone may be interested in, like a picture file at some place like Supermotors.


Once you fill it out, it shows up in every one of your posts.  Even if you have stated that in your initial post, you can not expect a responder to remember remember what truck you have.


So please do everyone a favor and update your signature file.


Good Luck with your truck.




How to modify;


1. Click on your Icon (that will take you to your profile page)


2. At the top right click on Edit My Profile ( takes you to your edit page)


3. In the left column find Signature (takes you to the signature page)


4. Under the  Edit Signature title fill in what you know about your truck

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