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Summit Shorties and Dipstick tube questions

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I'm so close to being done working on this truck I can almost taste it! I'm finishing up the last major project which is replacing the exhaust manifolds (they came off in 5 pieces). It was cheaper to get a set of Summit shorty headers (the whole 3" exhaust cost < $400). The problem I have is that on the driver's side. I got the header in place with the dipstick tube in between the headers and block, put 2 bolts in to hold it so I can check the fit of brackets and such. However, when I slid the dipstick in the tube, it won't sit all the way down! Am I doing this right or should the dipstick go on the outside of the headers instead of in the middle of the center two cylinders? How can I check if I bent something?? The shorties hug the block and I want to make sure this is right so I only have to do it once (since I only have 2 bolts in right now).


Do I need to take the tube out, and if so, how do I do that? I can't find anything in either the Haynes or Chilton manual about it. Is it a pressed fit or is there something threaded? If I don't need to remove it, do I just need to bend it somehow so the dipstick slides all the way in??


All I want for Christmas is to finish this project truck. This exhaust is the last major thing left. After this I can put on the 3" exhaust pieces per the how-to article, replace the turn signal cam, bolt on the front sway bar, do a quick front alignment, bleed the rear brakes, and fire it up and drive it around the neighborhood! This is the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I have already replaced the following:


the entire third member

rear brake hose (from frame to axle)

wheel cylinders and drum hardware

leaf springs

passenger front TTB

passenger radius arm & radius arm bracket

all 6 shocks

front coil springs

front brake hoses

passenger front wheel bearing

passenger front ball joints (driver's side is solid)

switched to manual hubs

new 33" tires


Thanks in advance!

p.s. Sorry about my rambling and ranting, I'm exhausted and just want to be done with this :)


1989 Bronco XLT, 302 V8, automatic, summit shorties (almost!), 33" tires

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Dipsticks install in a few different ways. Ck the side of the oil pan to see if it screws into a sort of recessed plate thingie, there's also a good chace it just sort of pressed in there as well. You can run the dipstick tube between the header tubes if you want. A lot of times there's a tab brazed on there with a hole in it to stick one of the header bolts thru to secure it. If you don't have the tab don't sweat it, just realign everything so the dipstick is on the *outside* of the flange (you may laugh but I've DONE this) and runs between a couple of the tubes. Simple as that. If you have the brazed tab then use it to secure the dipstick & if not then no problem, the world won't end. If you bend it you bend it, it's not like you've changed the length any so don't worry. Just don't put a bend in there so steep you have trouble sliding the dipstick itself thru it.


Haynes & Chilton suck. Get an original manual published by Helm (the *dealer* manuals) if you're going to be diving into it this deeply.

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