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Double cardan driveshafts

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There seem to have been a lot of questions lately about the 78/79 double cardan driveshafts so I figured it would probably be a good time to fire up the scanner and grab the factory manuals. Here's everything that Ford has to say about the double cardan type U-joint driveshaft in the F150, F250 & Bronco.


Sorry the scans are so large, the first time I scanned the manual it didn't come out very well and the illustrations were blurred so I threw file-size out the window and went for resolution instead figuring if anyone wanted to *actually* work off these or needed ALL the info that's there the higher resolution would be what they needed. Since I had to scan all of the pages 2 or 3 times each to get something I was *sure* everyone could work from I just didn't have the patience to convert them into .PDF's after fighting with the scanner & trying to make sure my ancient, brittle & yellowing manuals didn't fall apart in the process.


I hope these help to answer a few questions and if nothing else maybe a few of you will want to save the files for future refrence, once again, sorry the freaking things are so huge.







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