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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Guest Jake

Bronco dies after warmed up

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Guest Jake

I have a 95 eddie Bauer bronco. Starts right up everytime. After it warms up it dies. Been working on it trying to fix it for 2 months now. Help!

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Yo Jake,


Try a Self Test for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)s by my pal, BroncoJoe19
Post Code(s) here according to:

A helper can assist you by counting the codes. Some use their smart phones to record them.
Or ask local mom and dad parts stores if they will test it for you. The majority of parts chain stores tests just OBDII vehicles now.
Or purchase a coder reader such as;
"Innova ODB-1 and we generally recommend getting the extension cord with it, so you can work the ignition key in the cab while watching/holding the reader. It will save the codes but knowing when to go through the cycles and ensuring you get it right the first time can save time and hassle, especially if you're working on it by yourself, as most of us do." by BikerPepe`.

See my Vacuum leak test in post of  Posted October 9, 2013 @ 

Air filter, is it relatively clean?
Air inlet atop radiator support to filter box and to throttle body; look for obstruction; damaged tubing, openings in tubing, loose fit at throttle body or if equipped, at MAF sensor.
Fuel quality; Oxidized fuel often turns darker over time and may even smell sour. You can check stored gasoline by pouring some into a clear glass container and comparing it side-by-side with known fresh gasoline. If your old sample looks noticeably darker than the fresh gas, you have strong evidence the gas has gone bad.
Electrical connectors; inspect for corrosion, etc at coil, firewall, ICM, distributor, PCM, etc. especially those with broken locking tabs.

A usual suspect is the Ignition Control Module mounted on driver side inner fender.

some parts store may be able to test it, but ask them to test it at least 3 times so it heats up.

94-96 Broncos use BLACK CCD Ignition Module Motorcraft #DY1077. The parts stores and even Ford show incorrect part numbers, so go with  DY1077 if it test bad and a related trouble code pops up.


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