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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Just bought me another Bronco

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Just found this survivor on facebook marketplace and the guy made me a deal i couldn't refuse. $800 plus a old generator.  He was asking $1500 for it , I made him the offer and he took it. He said that there is something wrong with the tranny , but it works fine. He had it in low range and I dont think he knew what he was doing.  Anyway this thing has hardly any rust , which is why I bought it. small spots under the sill plates and a little spot on the passenger door. Everywhere else is solid, even the tail gate. it does need a little attention here and there , but no big issues anywhere. They have the rear window wire running thru the truck , out the side window , to the battery.....gotta fix that. Radio and ac dont work and she needs a new radiator and shroud.  They also painted the top half of it black .  Im going  to repaint the whole truck back to Red and tan.  It's definitely worth the  repaint. It's got a 3 in body lift on it and dual exhaust already.  I'll probably be asking for some help on here when I run into something I'm not  familiar with. I think it was a good deal, what do you think?





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Yo Tom,

It looks like a great deal!!!!

I assume it's an 89?

If so, here are the 1989 EVTM, Emissions & Pre-Delivery Manuals, Partial via mrnewland1 in Google Drive  @ https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0Bz1eScc6s4raOHd0WlVnMUw4WjQ?usp=drive_web
 Slow scrolling for me with slow Comcast service.. Find page # of item desired in contents, then flip screen flip down like spinning a bearing (a no-no) then stopping periodically to see which page you're on.
Suggest you download for faster scrolling and to use the page index.

1989 Bronco Dealer Brochure @ 1989 Ford Bronco

Free registration for some wiring diagrams (86 through 96) and Technical Service Bulletins, (80 through 96), same as by Ford @ BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products | TSB's & Wiring Diagrams
GL Tom!



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Repaired rear window with junk yard switch, installed new radiator and shroud, had to fab up some brackets for the shroud because of the body lift.....now I realize why it didnt have a shroud. Replaced  the missing rear carpet with new foam and a Home depot piece of carpet.$19.  Putting a new radio in it then off to the paint booth. Painting it back to original scarlet red and tan. Still havent tested the transmission , gonna save that for last. Found another one that the guy said he'd sell me for $400. Going to go look at it this weekend.

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Yo Tom,

VG progress!

For the transmission, pull dipstick & observe color and odor of the fluid. It should be red, not brown or black. Dark brown or black fluid that has distinct burnt odor, indicates a transmission in need of repair or overhaul.
Odor may indicate overheating condition, clutch disc or band failure. Use an absorbent white facial tissue and wipe the fluid level indicator. Examine the stain for evidence of solid particles and for engine coolant signs (gum or varnish on fluid level indicator).
If particles are present in the fluid or there is evidence of engine coolant or water, the transmission pan must be removed for further inspection.

AOD has 14 pan bolts; P-R-N-(D)-D-1 shifter pattern, note, is actually a (D) - 

C6 has 17 pan bolts, P-R-N-D-2-1, shifter pattern


In your 89, assuming it's a AOD;

"The best way to set the TV pressure is with a pressure gauge tapped into the side port of the transmission.. There is a tool you put on the end of the TV cable to set some preload and then you adjust the TV cable so that it reads exactly 5 PSI..(in neutral, with the motor warm)

If you feel comfortable enough to do it by hand.. go for it.. There are 2 techniques that I do

The first one, and the technique I personally use and recommend is to remove the TV cable from the Throttlebody bracket (do not lose the bushing) then pry up the white tab on the TV cable and pull the TV cable as tight as it will go (push the slider all the way to the left as far as it will go) push back down the white tab and then and take it for a test drive... you will find that it shifts way too high.. so slowly (1-2 notches at a time) take out the preload on the cable and take it for a test drive until it shifts into OD at or around 60 mph under normal acceleration... too much TV pressure is not harmful as much as too little.. so this method ensure you don't drive with too little TV pressure..

The second technique I have also used is to disconnect the TV cable from the throttlebody and remove the TV bushing.. Pry up the white plug on the TV cable and set the cable so that the black stud of the TV cable end is touching the left side of the hole in the throttlebody bracket.. Now reinsert the bushing and you will find that once you reinstall the bushing you will have to pull the cable about 1/8" of an inch in order to put the cable back into the bracket with the bushing in place... This tends to be CLOSE to the correct preload needed..

Take the car out for a drive on a local highway.. under normal acceleration from a stop the car should be shifting into overdrive about 60 MPH.. anything less than that and you risk having too little TV pressure and burning up the transmission.. If you find that the car is shifting too low immediately turn around and go back.. then pull the cable tighter (move the slider to the left) if you find that it is shifting too high in the RPM range.. loosen up the tension on the cable by prying up the white tab and moving it 1-2 notches to the right (less preload)..

The only problem with this method is each car requires different preload and if you set it by this method and it is too low it COULD cause damage even on the test drive.. it is best only to try this method if you KNOW how the transmission should shift and you know when it is shifting at the wrong places..

So For a beginner it is best to use the first method.."  by magnpumpi

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