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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Carb for a 302

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Thinking about putting a 4 barrel on my 302, replacing the original 2 barrel. any recommendations or ideas?  Brands, cfm, installation issues?

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Ya.., there's always other issues to deal with when you make a change/mod.

The new intake & carb. sit higher & air filt. won't clear the hood.  The linkage will need mods.

Exhaust back pressure.., or the lack, of can affect tuning.

The smaller Edelbrock (spell) is the most popular I would guess.

My thoughts are; unless you do a lot of high-speed freeway driving,  it could be rare that you ever get into

the back two barrels.

There's hood scoops that allow filter clearance. Also aft. market "flat" filters that might help if they clear

the linkage.

Give us more info. on your intensions  & how your rig is equipped.., that would help us help you.....


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