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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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This news just hit Facebook.

Fiveology Racing

Removing emissions related sensors/solenoids can cause idle quality and drivability issues, especially when it comes to the Thermactor System. This eliminator kit makes it possible to remove the Thermactor System Solenoids (TAB,TAD) from your main engine wire harness while keeping the EFI system functioning normally and the check engine light from coming on.



Link -> fiveologyracing.com

(832) 405-9518



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Save $ for gas with:

"...What you need to do is electrically plug in the TAB and TAD solenoids but remove the vacuum lines, then all the air injection plumbing and valves can be removed and the heads plugged. The EGR is a seperate system from the Thermactor and the computer treats it very differently, it also helps increase milage and power so it's a good idea to keep it anyway. If you have the DPFE system there is no way to bypass it without the computer knowing and throwing a code so you may as well keep it intact. you'll get codes if you remove the solenoids, the easiest way to avoid this is to just leave them plugged in. The TAB and TAD you could fake out pretty easy, but even the old EGR system can't be faked because the computer both commands valve movement and watches for feedback to confirm it happened, so a dummy resistor won't cut it. 
Source: by Conanski 

Ryan also sold;
Actuator Eliminator Resistor $2.00 each 
75 ohm 3watt Resistors can also be used to eliminate the EVR, CANP, TAB & TAD solenoids. 

A neat mod by jrichker; "...Put the resistor inside the heat shrink tubing and crimp the connectors on. I would choose the Ford pin connectors since they should plug in the TAB & TAD wiring. That way you haven't modified the wiring so it is easy to re-install the TAB & TAD solenoids if emissions testing comes to your area. 18 gauge crimp on taps..."
read more and see many pics.
at https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/are-the-tad-tab-vacuum-solenoids-needed.791134/

Need one 75 ohm 3 watt Resistor for each item removed, EVR, & CANP

EGR Location & Block-Off Plate pic in an 89 @ https://www.supermotors.net/getfile/439467/fullsize/dsc02766.jpg
Source: by Tim C (TnTbronco2, Trail Truck, Street Truck, Crazed, Broke, OoG)

EGR Eliminator Installation Manual by Ryan M. @ Wayback Machine



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