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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Odd issue

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I was driving my '91 the other day and had the oddest thing happened,

After making it about 2 or so miles into my run across town I was coming to a stop and my Bco acted like it was trying to push through the brakes and the engine died. It re-started with no issue but when I put it in drive it died again. I try'd again, put the transmission in Neutral, started the engine, engaged Drive and the engine died again.

I was like...


So I try'd again, but this time I skipped D and went strait to first, engine stayed running. Shifted into Drive with my foot still on the Brake and the engine died again.


At this point I'm getting a lil' up set. Started the engine in N and revv'd the engine out of frustration. Back to "D" and drove with out issue.  Made my stop, and drove to the other side of town, and it happened again.


That time I could put it in drive as long as my foot was giving the gas pedal a lil' push. And even then the engine sounded like it was under a major load. The next few stop signs had me putting the transmission into neutral when coming to a stop. After driving home I needed to make another trip a few hours later, this time my trip was drama free like nothing happened.


Now I've had issues with my E4OD for a long while now, and from what I've been reading on the F150 forums and other Bronco forums this happens when the Torque Converter stay's locked when coming to a stop. I'm thinking that this is what is happening and that it's time for a new TC. Just wondering if I should be looking for anything else before I pull the transmission.

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Yo skitter,

Check for codes yet¿

Is Transmission Control Indicator Light (TCIL) & flashing¿

Some possible TC related codes:

DTC 62 or 628  Converter Overheat, High Line Pressure; E4OD/4R100 transmissions often have problems with converter overheat, codes 62, 628,, high line pressure and low cooler. The pressure regulator valve can close off critical converter/cooler circuit under high-demand situations, causing the TCC to drag on and glaze the lining at idle, or restricting converter/cooler charge during high load causing converter slip codes, overheat and lube failures.

Or, DTC 629, Output circuit check, generated only by electrical condition. **May also be generated by other non-electronic related transmission hardware condition. 

Symptoms: Failed on; engine stalls in drive at idle, low speeds with brake applied or manual second.

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I'll honestly say that I forgot to even think about checking for codes. For the reason that, in the past anytime I've had an issue with an engine not running correctly  I've never gotten codes. A year ago when the transmission was running hotter then the engine, I never got any codes. Now grant'd that was due to a bad EEC, my point still is it just seems like any time I have an issue the computer doesn't throw a code for me to find.

I'll check after work today just to be sure.

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Ok, I understand.

BTW,  a Transmission Control Indicator Light (TCIL) flashing is an indication of a transmission related trouble code in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 

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Ok, assuming it was 11for both koeo and koer;

Concerns: No 1st Gear In Drive, Engages In Higher Gear
Possible Component Reference/Action
Powertrain Control System  
  • Electrical inputs/outputs, vehicle wiring harnesses, powertrain control module, shift solenoid 1, shift solenoid 2, transmission range sensor
  • Run On-Board Diagnostics. Refer to Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis Manual for diagnosis. Perform Service Manual Pinpoint Tests A and D using the Rotunda Transmission Tester 007-00085, Cable and Overlay 007-00107 and the Transmission Range (TR) Sensor Cable "B" (MLPS Manual Lever Position Sensor Cable) 007-00086 or equivalents as outlined in this manual. Service as required. Clear codes, road test and rerun On-Board Diagnostics.
  • This is self test
Shift Linkage (Internal/External) or Cables, Transmission Range (TR) Sensor  
  • Damaged, not connected, misadjusted
  • Inspect and service as required. Verify linkage adjustment as outlined. After servicing linkage, verify that the transmission range (TR) sensor is properly adjusted. Refer to In-Vehicle Service in this section.
Main Controls  
  • Bolts not tightened to specification
  • Retighten bolts to specification.
  • Gaskets damaged, misaligned
  • Inspect for damage and replace.
  • Shift solenoid 1, shift solenoid 2 stuck or damaged
  • Refer to Electrical Routine No. 215.
  • Solenoid regulator valve, 2-3 shift valve, 3-4 shift valve, D2 valve — stuck, missing, misassembled, damaged
  • Inspect for damage. Service as required.
  • Air bleeds for S1-S2 circuits missing
  • Inspect for damage. Replace case.
  • Wrong components used in rebuild
  • Verify that proper components were used. Service as required.
  • Band servo, clutches damaged
  • Refer to proper disassembly procedures in this section.
For diagnosis related to a specific gear, use Transmission Tester to determine gear Refer to the following routine(s) for further diagnosis
No Shift 1-2, Routine 220/320 
No Shift 2-3, Routine 221/321
No Shift 3-4, Routine 222/322
Reverse Ring Gear  
  • Damaged gear lugs to reverse carrier
  • Inspect for damage. Service as required.
Low One-Way Clutch  
  • Damaged, misassembled
  • Inspect for damage, proper assembly. Service as required


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The Best answer would be to take the Bronco to a trans shop and have them put their tools on it.

I'm thinking before I do so I'm going to try a new MLPS and while I'm under there look for any damaged wires.


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On 12/19/2018 at 10:49 AM, miesk5 said:

Is  Transmission Control Indicator Light (TCIL) flashing? 

MLPS TEST w/ Connector Pin Diagram w/colors by RLA at 1993_f_series_mlps_pinout_and_testing_2cb56e2ae312f5db2a43e732b5c9092d719e2c82

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