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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Ignition or starter relay ?

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Hey guys 

I did my first big snow of the season yesterday and the bronco did fine 

Today I went to start it and nothing happened 

I can lay a screwdriver across the posts on the relay and she'll fire right up 

(This is with the ignition in "run" I didn't try any other positions) 


Is there an easy way to tell if my ignition switch or my starter relay is the culprit? 

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Sounds to me like the ignition switch might be out of adjustment or have a bad connection.  My 88 E/B was doing the same thing.  Turn the key,,, nothing...  Jump the starter relay and off we go!  Mine had a real crappy connection from the wiring harness going into the switch.  The inside of the switch looked like ass so I bought a new one.  Here is a link that should help if you find you need to replace the switch.  

After I replaced the switch everything was fine until I couldn't turn the key off one day.  I had to replace the ignition lock.  All that crap was a few years ago now.  Good luck!

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Thank you sir 

It was indeed the ignition 

For the time being I ran a wire from the fuss panel to a push button to the relay


I might properly fix it come spring, but this should get me through winter  

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