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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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electric waterpump vs. centifugal waterpump

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I was trying to find out if anybody has any advice on which pump would be better because in the summertime I have some overheating problems when sitting still on the highway and was wandering if an electric water pump would be better. My truck has been sitting for a  1 1/2 because I got a normal vehicle to drive as an every day driver but I' want to get my 92 Bronco with a stroked 408 back on the road. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yo Rog,

I haven't seen any Bronco owners install such, yet, but maybe others will chime in.


cleaning radiator fins, and condenser.

flushing coolant system thoroughly.. we are blessed to have a local mom and pop lube shop where they will power flush over and over until fluid is relatively clear.

electric fan; see my site @ http://schwimserver5.com/index.php?index=186

http://www.royalpurpleconsumer.com/products/purple-ice-radiator-coolant-additive/  or similar brands


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I haven't tested all the water pump types but a stock water pump will do fine when coupled with a good 2 or 3 core radiator.

You could also use a hi-flow belt driven pump (25-35% more flow then stock) with a 2 core radiator.

You'll only need a electric pump if your really racing the Bronco and keeping it in the upper RPMs for the majority of your drive.

A large benefit is to ditch the factory style cooling fan and install 2 quality electric fans with electric fan shroud.

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Miesk5 and Skitter302, my P2 Bronco has a 3 core aluminum radiator with Dual Derale fans but when I'm sitting in traffic during the summer for a lengthy period of time the temperature starts rising and it is a new radiator and new fans. I fkushed it out but I'm still getting the same issue. What might be the next step?

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This is by Ford for 96 Bronco, but same for your 92;

  • Damaged thermostat.
  • Damaged water pump.
  • Cooling fan inoperative. Or maybe not spinning fast enough now?
  • Plugged radiator. Well now, iggie this
  1. Some tests: 
  2. Allow engine to run for 10 minutes.
  3. Feel the inlet and outlet heater hoses and the underside of the upper radiator hose.
  4. Are the upper radiator hose and heater hoses cold?
    Yes No. Check for proper cooling fan operation
    REPLACE water thermostat.

How long have you used the Dual Derale fans without this issue?

Do you use the Derale controller?

Have you read https://derale.com/faqs-footer?

Check Timing; see Timing Adjustment by sackman9975 @ https://www.fullsizebronco.com/forum/23-technical-write-ups/168214-how-properly-set-timing-302-351-a.html

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Miesk5 and Skitter302, I just found out that my aluminum radiator is only 2 cores so are the stock radiators normally 3 core so I need to unfortunately get a 3 core radiator because the hoses are heating up so I no the thermostat is opening properly. I just got this radiator probably a year ago and Summit charged me $380 but I can get one from Jegs that is a 3 core for like $250. So what do you guys think? Let me know.

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Yo Rog,

Take a look @ https://left-eye-blind-racing-and-fabrication.myshopify.com/collections/champion-radiators/products/champion-radiators-ford-truck-and-bronco-80-97-3-row

-Champion Radiators, Ford Truck and Bronco (80-97) - 3 Row $ 209.99 no shroud plus shipping

Champion All Aluminum Radiator
3-Row Core - Cools up to 750hp

CC1451 Radiator Dimensions:
Total: 22.25" tall (with cap) x 37.25" wide
Core: 18" tall x 28.13" wide x 2" thick
Inlet: 1.75" passenger side
Outlet: 1.75" drivers side
Tanks: 2.75" thick
Tubes: 0.63" thick
Radiator Cap Included
Transmission Cooler Included (1/8-27NPT)
Aluminum Shroud also available (sold separately)

Jegs sells 3 row Champions  for $235.99 with free shipping... for your 92...


 or get a 3core radiator shroud from the Junkyard.Shroud Modification (Single Core) for Heatbuster 4 Row pics in a 92 5.0; "...so I didn't find a 2 core shroud They go for about $130 at LMC so that was my last ditch. So I used my 1 core shroud on the heatbuster 4 core radiator. For the bottom clips, there are two sets of holes, if you use the outermost set, you can make the clips work on the bottom of the radiator to hold in the shroud. For the top shroud bolts, I used two self tapping screws with rubber washers as a temporary fix. After I put some miles on it, I'll determine if I need to move it up or down any and will do a more permanent mount. I put 50 miles on it today and had no issues with the fan coming into to contact with anything. I kind of zip tied the throttle body hose loosely to the body for now.I did have to notch the shroud to get my arm in there to put the fan back on, its tight but it works. I'm a little worried about the fan contacting the upper hose so I'll probably come up with a way to put a piece of thin removable sheetmetal over it so I can still remove fan easily. I'd also recommend changing your belt if you use the 1 core shroud as it makes it a little difficult to access it. I still plan to to put a 2 core shroud on when I find one at the yard, but just wanted to inform people that you can make the 1 core shroud work..." 
Source: by Justin R at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/3798/13643-2

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