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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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anything i need to know before i fire up the saw?

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hey guys, i picked up a second top for my bronco yesterday 

once i determine which one has the best seals, i will knock the glass out of the other one and make it a "summer top" 

i also want to cut a hole in the roof, and then make a custom "tonneau cover" in case i get caught in the rain 


so, anything i need to know before i start this project? 

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Here ya go pal!

Camper Top;

Cross-Section Structure pics in 80-96; Chris said that thye metal structure is about an 1/8-3/16" thick 
Source: by Chris B (Blue, bronco boy)

The steel  "roll bar" inside the factory 78-91 Bronco camper shell is glued into the fiberglass, but not bolted to the bedwalls.  All fullsize Broncos (78-96) have a steel "roll bar" integrated into the rear edge of the fiberglass camper shell. In 92, the bar was improved & extended forward so it could be retained by 2 of the bolts, and the alignment pins were moved onto the bar, pointing down into the bedrails..."

Shortened info & pics in a 91 
Source: by jtg (Jackson) at 

"The flat part of the top is pretty thin, how ever you can reinforce the flat section by laminating a flat section from an other top to the in side. I've done this to a couple of tops that I have shortened and it makes a big difference."


Here is some pics of a cut up top and inside laminated of a shortened top.









Painting info; 1 DO NOT use chemical stripper (I was stripping the entire truck) it's made of SMC(sheet molded compound) and the texture is sprayed on 2 Dont use a DA. You'll sand the splatter pattern off it 3 Scuff it with red scuff pads (3M) 4 Seal with epoxy primer (I used PPG DP-40) 5)Paint, but mix with the desired amount (25-30%) of flattening agent (PPG DX685 - this stuff is weird/smells bad but works; unshaken/unstirred it looks like a sticky golf ball soaking in what I perceive elephant *** would look like). Too much flattening agent and the top will become chalky after a few yews and too little makes it look funny (too glossy). My truck is the newer '98 Expedition white (paint code YZ maybe). I used PPG, DAU product line on this one. If you do this is how I mixed: Color (DAU)16oz; Hardener(DU2)16 oz; Flattener(DX685)10oz (up to 12); Reducer 1.5- 2 oz. The PPG DX685 Chart on the cut sheet is helpful on other PPG lines; Form P-162 (9/96)..." 
Source: by j. r. Nice (J. R. N)




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thought i would share this here 

i came across these pics somehwere else, its not my top, but it is exactly what i am going for 






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Yo E,

Nice! Wonder If a roll bar or family friendly cage will be needed?

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no kidding 

i got a roll bar in there, and since the truck has lap belts in the stock backseat, and 3 point belts in the third row, i think got the safety part covered 


im really excited to find a few people have walked this path before 

cant wait to get started on it 


i guess the biggest hurdle will be choosing the upholstery shop to use 




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