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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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installing rear wheelstuds

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hey guys 
i had a bit of adverse luck with my bronco today and i need some advice 
i lost a wheel, snapped off one stud and galled up the other four 
i going to replace them all BUT i do not want to pull the axleshaft out (it a rear one) 
now, there is enough room there with the backing plate still installed that  i can feed the studs in from the back 
normally i would use a press or a BFH to seat them, but i cant do that with the axle still in 
can i put a few washers down and just use a lugnut to draw it in? 
or do you guys have a different trick ? 

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Yo D,

This is by Ford  for 96 Bronco, but same for your 85,

Wheel Hub Bolt

Description Tool Number
C-Frame and Clamp Assembly T74P-3044-A1


  1. Raise the vehicle and install safety stands.

  1. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. Refer to Section 04-04.

  1. Remove the brake drum (1126) from the axle shaft or wheel hub bolts as described in this section.


  1. ani_caut.gif CAUTION: Never use a hammer to remove the stud. Damage to the hub or bearing may result.

    Using C-Frame and Clamp Assembly T74P-3044-A1, press the wheel hub bolt from its seat in the rear hub (1109). The lug bolt (1107) may also be removed by pressing it out using an appropriate sized socket and C-clamp. Discard the wheel hub bolt.



  1. Insert new wheel hub bolt in hole in the axle shaft (4234) or rear hub. Rotate wheel hub bolt slowly aligning serrations with those made by the original wheel hub bolt.

  1. Place four flatwashers over the outside end of the wheel hub bolt and thread the lug nut (1012) with the flat side against the washers.


  1. ani_caut.gif CAUTION: Do not use air tools as the serrations may be stripped from the stud.

    Tighten the lug nut until the wheel hub bolt head seats against the back side of the shaft or hub.

  1. Remove lug nut and washers.

  1. Install brake drum and wheel (1007).

  1. Lower the vehicle.

  2. I used large copper cable lugs

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