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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Bronco Suspension

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Bet ya'll are wondering when I'm gunna slow down on these changes to the Bronco. I guess the answer would be, "when my tools break."

Ok, Bronco Suspension. Talk about a topic that probably has more threads then one could ever imagine. Here is why I'm wanting to change the springs. Under full throttle the Bronco squats pretty hard and the nose goes up more then I want. In corners I have more Body roll then I want. I go off road once or twice a year one. Even then I'm on the easy trail because I don't want the bushes to scratch my paint. So I want to stiffn' up the ride a lil'

I have the rear springs from Project Betty (my 1992 F-250 4x4) that I are in good shape still. I believe those will fit under the Bronco No issue. (if I'm wrong let me know.)

I can also use the rear sway bar from the F-250 to replace the smaller one that is currently in the Bronco.

The Plan is to buy a lager Front sway bar (Currently looking at a 1 1/8") and to purchase heaver springs for the front of the Bronco to match the new heavy'r rear springs. Here is my issue that I'm finding, I want a Constant Rate Spring that won't change the ride height of the Bronco. The issue is that the MOOG cc820 and cc824 is a Variable Rate coil. And the F-250 HD Spring is a 630lb spring and that is just too harsh for a Bronco. I'm looking for something in the 450lb range.

any ideas?

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Good tip! Didn't know their are so many options about rear springs. Form what I now My F-250 Springs won't fit every well :( Was hoping for a free upgrade.

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