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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

6cyl v8 swap

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Hey guys, thanks in advance for any input I can get.
I’ve been reading the archives, but I still can’t quite wrap my head around the best course of action.

I have a 170 6 cyl with 105k 3 speed on the column, I have intended on just freshening up the 6 & enjoying the bronco with its limitations. “50mph”
I only cruise, but would really like to add power steering, disc brakes & AC one day.

I am trying to figure out the advantages to some v8 engine & transmission options.

I may have a line on a 70s 302 with a c4 out of an EB.

Is there a path of least resistance concerning engine & tranny combinations?
Simple is better for me.

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Avoid EFI and Eletronic transmissions if you like to keep things simple :lol:

A 302 is a great option for a new engine. And I think you have already pick'd a good transmission that will make for a simple swap. The AOD is another option but will require some extra steps and a trasfer-case adapter.

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Skitter is right..., 302 (& sometimes a 351) is the most common change-out.

I would add.., I've had 4 EB's with the V/8 along with my present '66 with the I-6 (one V/8 had the A/T)

                      You see which one I kept..!!

Just noticed this new board format wiped out the signatures..?  And, the gallery.  :o

Hmmmmmm....., I'm going to have to re-think how to answer these questions from now on...:ph34r:

I'll have to get back to ya......,

Long/short.., keep it the way it is with just a few mods.



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Wellll..., maybe you've already discovered this ---- V/8 eng.,  pwr. steering, & discs require a very deep wallet.

For example, V/8 swap requires everything changed from radiator to driveshaft front joint. EXCEPT for the

transfer case.

For starters, I would recommend a compression/leak-down test on your I-6. Those results will give you 

info. needed to move on.  (you can rent free the tools to do this test.., or have it done)

Freshening up the I-6 may be the best investment.

Disc brakes usually req. power brakes as more pressure is needed. (this also can be expensive)

Freshening up the drums, etc, would be 1/4 the price.., maybe even less.

Power steering runs approx. $800 - $1000

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