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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

94 bronco 247thousand miles now has a back up alarm

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my son pulls in to my garage with this machine. smiles ear to ear. while I crawled under, over, and thru it I has less of that smile than he had. I explained to him kindly (didn't want to bust his balls with a swift kick to the groin), it needed A LOT of work. he didn't care, his first Bronco.


two problems.. 1. fuel gauge pegged full. cut an access hole over the tank sender. run the wires from rear to front. nada. had him pull the fuel pod from dash. no ohm stated 237. far from norm. thinking new gauge. out of ideas for this.


day 2, problem 2. has he left he called to say that now he has a warning tone. I said no no no. fuse 8 has been pulled, you should have anything. here it sounds just like a backup alarm, not a door chime,(I took #8 while I was in and out with the door up.)


I pulled his vehicle out of the garage for him and let it run. 4 miles later the back up alarm in the cab starts, had hin count... 5 buck up alarm beeps a pause then 5 more. hasn't happened since. told him don't worry until flames start shooting out, cant hurt it.


now he came to super dad to fix it and all I could tell him is it needed to fart.




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Yo Curt,

Welcome to the Zone!

Fuel Gauge Testing & Connector Pin-Outs in 92-96 Bronco; Sender Range: Full = 160 Ohms; Empty = 16 Ohms; "... gauge that pegs past full indicates an open circuit (broken wire; unplugged connector; corroded terminal; burned sender) on the Y/W wire. gauge that pegs past empty indicates a short to ground (pinched to the frame, body, or dash supports) on the Y/W wire, OR a sunk float. gauge anywhere in between that doesn't move indicates an open circuit (blown fuse; corroded terminal) on the power (battery) side of the gauge OR a bad instrument cluster ground at C251 pin 9. The terminals of C251 (& C250) are known to corrode & lose contact. Polish both the connector pins AND the film circuit pads with brown paper or a pink eraser. The larger version of C441(WPT454) was used until 93. The level sender can usually be disassembled & repaired by bending the wiper arm inside the plastic housing to apply slightly more force..."

See more @ http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/744437


The Ford alarm just sounds the horn as far as any audible sound.

Anti-Theft System Module pic in a 94;





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