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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size


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My frustrations are almost at my limit!  I have a really nice, low mileage, 1 owner 79 Bronco with the original 351M engine but with a Carter Competition 4 bbl carb.  The problem is after driving 30 miles of my 45 mile trip to deer camp, the engine starts spitting and sputtering and most of the time goes dead.  It feels like the engine is either starved for fuel or it floods out with way too much fuel.  I have been told everything from the fuel pump is weak, hairline crack in distributor, ignition control module, fuel lines are vapor locking, coil is weak, and on and on!!  I have replaced the ignition control box one time but just with a OEM box.  This did not help the issue.  Can anyone help me trouble shoot this issue, as I can not afford to throw new parts at every possible problem?  


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  I am starting to have a bad taste for this Bronco but want to fall back in love with it again!  


Severely Frustrated,




pic of bronco is attachedpost-22497-0-40950700-1507513159_thumb.jpg

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Hi Jay.., welcome..!!


Awesome rig..!!!   WE NEVER GIVE UP HERE..!!  :)>-

You didn't mention what you did AFTER each issue...?

Flooded condition will have an obvious "smell" --- in the eng. bay., and at the exhaust.

Fuel starved.., Eng. will start with "either" spray (starting fluid) --- carry a can with you.

How's your tank & fuel lines..?? If the tank is full of crud.., on a long run, crud can plug the fuel screen in the tank.

Then tend to drop the crud when suction is gone.

       "vapor locking"  Is your eng. runn'n hot..??

Fuel pump is easy to test.., auto parts stores loan free testers.


If fuel/air mixture is found to be correct;

If the "reluctor" is failing.. ('lil bolt-in thingie in the distributor) it will do as you describe.

Ya., a coil will/can fail ---- usually when old & there's "heat" --- then work when it's cold.

More often., they fail completly.


Keep us posted..... :-B


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Forgot to mention.., that's a good carb when rebuilt right, 

Also., what you describe could be a faulty/dirty needle-n-seat (fuel inlet)

OR a sticking float.  All an easy fix.

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