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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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8.8" Equals 3 Teeth Max!

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So trying to decide what to do, after being a daily driver, sitting is not good for her! If it would have had a 9" in her there would be a Canon 5D Mark3 in my camera bag and the Bronco in the driveway. I have to admit the 2017 F150 goes twice the distance, extremely quite (I heard a pine needle caught under the wiper slapping the windshield and the full on stereo is nice!


My plan had be to keep her after the insurance totaled it, I had just put on the new front hubs, after the wreck and the new springs right before she got hit? I'm wondering if the third tooth failed with the pinion bearing or were all 3missing until thx pinion issue? I didn't pull the cover when it popped the second hole, just JB welded it up, topped off the fluid and kept on going for over a year! And the first missing tooth had 2 years! Motorcycle's are my thing, can't even find a decent 3 legged unit. Hate to see her sitting and miss driving her! She did get me home from my concert shoot that night! But pushing 5 months now just sitting with my new tires too!


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Hey RR....my thought would be a salvage yard rear and other pieces and make her a weekend driver.

Good luck whatever you choose.

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ain't no shame in salvage yard parts. Always shame in not having fun in a Bronco.

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Currie can build a custom rear axle for you that includes an 8.8 center, with 9" side tubes. This let's you upgrade to Disc brakes if you want or keep the old shoe setup. This also eliminates the C clip need for axle retention making a more solid axle. You also get 9" bearing on the outer ends and let me tell you it's one solid setup. Another bonus is it's still an 8.8 so no driveline or diff replacement but in your case it does sound like a new diff is in order.

I included the Bill and Laiding plus Dimensions Info for Currie and most of the info will apply to any axle builder.


You can always pull an axle from a junkyard however in my experience living in AZ, that really sucked. I pulled two to replace the axle that had a bearing leak. Both the pulled axles had the same leak on the same side (passenger i.e. tight turns). The AZ part sucked because both times I had to pull these in the middle of the summer so it's 118 out and likely 128 in the middle of the junkyard. Plus all that effort BOTH times for nothing. Still there are treasures including axles in those yards, and possibly better odds than Vegas :)

Purchase Cost (I added the Diff cover and hate it! however that cost is equal to the freight shipping with an extra $50 for lift gate)

$479.951.00 EACH 0.00% $479.95
$649.951.00 EACH 0.00% $649.95
$169.951.00 EACH 0.00% $169.95
5/22/2014 10:34:00 AM
Parts Total: $1,299.85 Labor Total: $0.00 Freight: $0.00 Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $1,299.85
Currie Enterprises, Inc.  382 North Smith  Corona CA 92880   Phone:(714) 528-6957  Fax:(951) 549-0267   www.currieenterprises.com
Payments: $0.00 Amount Due: $1,299.85

Full build out info needed for Currie Which includes Disc Brake Conversion, plus Shock/Perch mount angles/offsets (Currie can weld these on for you but make sure you talk them through it. They have the correct angles on hand but they installed them backwards due to another model/year spec they looked at):
Ford Bronco 87 N/A Street
RE Dimensions - Overall: 65
Original Quote with parts removed/adjusted:
STYLE: Performance STYLE: 8.8 In. Ford STYLE: 8.8 Inch Ford (8.8)
TYPE: Tapered-T&E END TYPE: Torino / LB RATIO: 3.55F
SPLINE: 31 BRKTS: Pads See Notes SPLINE: 31
PTRN: 5 On 5.5 Inch HSG WDTH: 59.77 DIFF: Auburn 31 spline
DR HSG: 24.499
REG DIA: 2.780 PAS HSG: 25.251 CASE: ABS Provision (W)
DR AXLE: 29.999 DR TUBE: 0 PIN SUPP: N/A (X)
Add ABS Recepticle!!!
My measurements:
A 65 in
B 59.77 in (used from above quote)
DR 6.75 MM (Current rotors)
X 23 in
Y 20 3/4 in
PO .5 in
BS Adjustable bracket!!! 48.3 MM (1.901 in) preferred but as high as 73.65 MM (2.899 in).   
Adjustable with 4 various sized spacers. Spacer sizes are 2x 5/16 ,  1x 1/4 ,  1x 1/8    
I'm using all spacers for least exposed axle. Should give strongest setup right? 
Kit also comes with full circle spacer plate for between housing end and retaining plate 2.7 MM thick. Should I use?
S 1/2 in Wheel Studs
Disc Brake Conversion:
Retaining plate bolt pattern:
3 7/16th" width x 2"   3/8 studs (Per Bronco Graveyard looks more like just over half i.e. 3 9/16)
T-Bolts given for housing flange to bracket/retainer plate(s)?
Details: All of our rear disc brake conversion kits use G.M. single piston calipers: These kits use D-154 Pads, have 7 Inch mounting screw spacing, and 1 Inch wide rotors. 
Premium master overhaul kit by Motive Gear includes Timken brand bearings. Kit includes: Pinion bearings, Carrier bearings, pinion nut, pinion seal, crush collar, pinion shims, carrier shims, ring gear bolts, loctite, marking compound, and gasket or silicone (kits may vary).
Auburn 31 spline Pro (SKU 542054) Limited Slip.
Ring & Pinion:
Yukon 3.55 ratio
Fits standard rotation Ford 8.8"
8.80" ring gear diameter
28 spline pinion
10 ring gear bolts
3.55 ratio
YG F8.8-355
8 degrees perch offset forward
Driver Side  inside perch to pumpkin is 13 7/8
Pass Side  inside perch to pumpkin is 11 5/8
36 degree offset shock mounts from ground   -8 degree from diff offset = 28
27 degree with 1/4 inset mounting
7 or 6 3/4 pass side shockmount inset
9 or 8 3/4 driver side shockmount inset
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