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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Rustproofing my 1996 Bronco

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Hey all.  

So i just purchased a 1996 Bronco that is in immaculate condition.  The car is originally from the west coast and there is zero rust.  I currently live in the East Coast where they liberally use salt on the roads.  The truck doesn't have any type of rust proofing and I am wondering what other people have done or what products would be best to help mitigate future rust.  Thanks.


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Yo Tim,
Welcome and great choice in the 96!

SEM 39523 Rubberized Undercoating Aerosol - 19.7 oz.

Or other parts stores

http://fullsizebronco.com/forum/9-vendor-reviews/36373-rust-treatment-restore-vs-ospho.html">http://fullsizebronco.com/forum/9-vendor-reviews/36373-rust-treatment-restore-vs-ospho.html</a>">Restore vs. Ospho Review by our late buddy, justshootme84 (Randy Z, Casual Mudder)




Spray-on Bedliner w/ Ospho Primer Installation in an 84 <span style="font-size: 14px;">by our late buddy, justshootme84 (Randy Z, Casual Mudder)  href="http://www.supermotors.net/clubs/2bigbroncosdixie/users/users/registry/4970/79888-2"  

FYI; Next time, please fill out your Signature with year, engine size, transmission type, transfer case type (manual or electric shift), locking hub type (automatic or manual) info &amp; major mods such as a Lift, etc. for better responses.</p>
Click your name in right black panel in upper right;

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96 Bronco-F-Series Workshop Manual (PARTIAL) by FORD via http://www.diesel-dave.com/vehic/manual/stj/stjleft.htm


96 Bronco Owners Guide by Hiller Ford at http://www.hillerford.com/resource_library/owner_manuals_pdf/1996_owner_manuals_ford/96bronco.pdf


96 Bronco Dealer Brochure by Ford via me at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/877777

Wiring Diagrams (not all systems shown) in 86-current and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for 80 to Current http://www.revbase.com/BBBMOTOR/



Recalls; check with VIN at dealer or on-line @ Ford; esp. Speed (aka Cruise) Control recall; this recall has a life of its own and still undergoing changes; deals w/speed control deactivtation switch mounted on master cylinder; fires have been reported. RECALL - MULTIPLE VEHICLE LINES - SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM MODIFICATION


Wiring Diagrams (not all systems shown) in 86-current and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for 80 to Current


Also, register to see any Ford dealer maintenance/repairs done @ any dealership nation-wide @! http://owner.ford.com/"


had to re-enter this reply 4 times so far because this site froze.  And just edited out all the bs.


;Have you had any similar issues too?

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Yo Tim,

Sorry, I give up  on this site.

I have no idea why all the coding for font,size, color, spacing, etc. keeps reappearing.

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Just to toss in my 2 cents. My local PPG shop advertises POR 15 as a good option to use on the frame of any vehicle. 




I have seen this stuff in person and its impressive. I hit the coating with a hammer and it didn't chip off. Only down side is that the stuff is $$$$.

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Hey,  Guys my niece and I are working on a 1988 Bronco xlt that I purchased 3/15 out of Flagstaff AZ. The Bronco is amazingly rust-free. It has been in paint jail since Aug and every time I see my painter the first thing he says is I cant believe how clean this thing is. The only bad part and why it is at the painters is because the roof and hood paint was totally shot, and along the years someone covered the light chestnut color in the middle up so we are painting it back to 2-tone. For the undercarriage my niece and I spent 1 weekend in the spring painting the frame, floor pans, wheel wells and any thing else underneath with"Chassis Saver" which is supposedly as good if not better than Por-15 and it is easier to find and cheaper. When we get the Bronco back from the painter I'm going to use Fluid Film every fall right before the snow and salt flies to undercoat it over the Chassis Saver. We have already done inside the tailgate and once applied to an area that doesn't get washed away the Fluid Film will last indefinitely. The Fluid film is unlike traditional undercoating in that it doesn't firm up thus avoiding the chipping off and letting moisture get underneath and causing rust which happened to a Dodge truck I had. I think we are also going to spray the interior floor, sides, and roof with Al's liner HNR which is like Lizard Skin but goes on in 1product for both heat and noise, goes farther, and is substantially cheaper.


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Yo BB,

Thanks for that info, especially on the Fluid Film!


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