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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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EER and his 73 Bronco

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Hello all,


I've been a reader for about 4 months. It's been amazing and just want to say thanks to everyone. 

I'm in the Carolina's and use mine for my job. I work in the mining industry. So I want safety, reliability and comfort. I don't mind dents or scratches because for me it's what's under the hood and inside works vs being perty.


Here's my 73 and current "To Do" list of things bought, but not installed


1.      Add disc brake (front only) and vacuum booster 

2.     all emergency brake cables & associated hard ware it's rigged now to pull only
 on the passenger rear. Install all 3 cables, front and 2 rear, and parts to be correct

3.      install new ignition (pertronix II)

4.     Fix voltage issue (lights pulsate after about 10 secs)...thinking regulator

5.     install new suspension (Bought), springs are shot.

6.     door hinges, see if fixes passenger door, when u lock it, it won’t open when u unlock

7.     clutch needs adjusting

8.     speedometer needs adjusting and install steering coupling assembly.

9.     body bushings

10.  steering box needs some adjustment, may fix speedometer reads +10

11.  reset passenger mirror

12.  Replace all seats” Front buckets with normal 3pt belt, rear bench (folding).

13.  build center console, wire for removable radio and speakers

14.  Build lock box, Lock box under passenger seat, fix or fabricate glove box and add the vin tag

15.  Install spare tire holder.

16.  Install transfer case gaskets and seals


^ no particular order, just me trying to remember  

​Again I appreciate and thank all for their informative and many times amusing posts. 



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Welcome to the Zone.  Quite a list.  If you need assistance with any of those things, please open a new topic for each problem to avoid confusion with responses.  Also, please enter your truck's vitals in your signature, that will often help in getting the best response.


Also, if you feel you have something of value to add to an active thread, feel free to jump in and add your comments.





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Welcome and you chose a perfect vehicle for your occupation!

Next time, please fill out your Signature with year, engine size, transmission type, transfer case type (manual or electric shift), locking hub type (automatic or manual) info & major mods such as a Lift, etc. for better responses.

Click your name in right black panel in upper right;

In pop up,

Click, My Profile

Click, Edit My Profile in right side black panel

In left panel, Click, Edit Signature

Enter info

Click, Save Changes



To post a pic from your PC, TABLET, etc., just below the reply box in lower right corner, click More Reply Options

Screen will change

See Attach files

pick out the pic

Click Attach This File


or click, Try our advanced uploader (requires Flash 9)



Our sponsor, Jeff at the Bronco Graveyard has offered a 2% discount to members of The BroncoZone for on line orders. To get your discount, enter the discount code BZMEMBER. Also you must include your BroncoZone User Name with the order.


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Excellent job on your signature. BTW, the crew here likes to see in-process build plans, they give them ideas!

Even better, many pics brings applause and beer toasts.

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Welp, decided to rebuild engine and reseal tranny. She'll be all new o rebuilt minus front and rear end. All body bushings in, new suspension in, disc brakes and E bakes all new.


pics to come








Edited by EER

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New booster is often overlooked so that is a +.


I messaged Dana about the Graveyards 2 % discount for members that you didn't get; will message you when I receive a reply.

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Thanks Al,


The guy I'm working with is really doing me solid favors as we restore her. The body mounts took a long time to get off...basically 43 yrs old. He's doig a lot of fabrication and modification I can't do myself.


Question. Having issue with tailgate hinge and getting the last Bolt into the body to hold the Spare Tire mount...lower bolt next to tailgate. It's hitting the hinge. We all think it'll hold fine without, but wondering if anyone else has had this issue? My 73 never had the spare tire holder so, wondering if there was a slight difference?



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Pulled transfer case....ughhh, needed rebuilt. Bearings gone. More $$.

Edited by EER

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