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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

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Hey guys,


I'm back again, and this time I have a much simpler question; and yes, I searched other threads about conversions, but none are coming at it from the angle I am.


Here is my situation.  The 302 I'm currently running (carbed) has a cracked block now, and I was fortunate enough to work with several people who run mechanic shops as their part time jobs, and one of them offered to give me a EFI 302 out of a customer's 1993 bronco that had a warped head.  The customer wanted a new motor.   So, I want to convert that EFI to Carb since I have the complete carb setup and wiring, and every one of the parts is brand new.  Id rather not have to start over and purchase all new sensors and a computer and mess with having to rewire my entire system again, especially since I paid for the Centech wiring harness.


What differences should I be aware of?  My current setup is V-belt, and the new 302 is serpentine. I saw that the water pump in those years is a reverse pump (according to serpentine diagram), so would buying a reverse pump with the outlet on the passenger side fix that, or could I just use my timing chain cover and throw on the old water pump.  I would like to keep the V-belt set up since I have all new chrome pulleys.  Also, should my HEI distributor drop in, or would I need to purchase another?  I'm assuming my 4 bolt balancer should be good on this motor as well, since it is a 4 bolt.  Also, would I need to block anything off if I'm using my mechanical fuel pump?


If I could just drop all the accessories off of the EFI motor, and transfer everything over, that'd be convenient, but I don't want to risk blowing anything up! 


I really appreciate the input, and you guys have been a tremendous help to me!  One day I will be able to pay it forward.

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My guess is you could strip & convert to carbed. 

HOWEVER.., I would suggest you contact hotrodders, engine builders, or suppliers like Summit Racing

for an "accurate" go/no go in this case.


Keep us posted if you would.... :-B

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Appreciate it guys.  I'll report in ASAP.  I don't own a shop, so I'm going to go buy a nice engine stand to build it with after I figure out definitive details.  I've got to find a good tree to attach a hoist to as well lol.


Edit:  I make a very detailed right up in the next few months =)

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