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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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electrical fire

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Well, 1 1/2 weeks ago my speedometer started freaking out and then went dead all together but I made it home. I went out to start it the next day and it wouldn't start. It would just click at the starter. It had burnt the wires all the way down to the starter and back up the ignition wire and the ground wire to the alternator.

The starter is good because I can get it to engage off the car using jumper cables, so I know the starter is not burnt up and my check engine light comes on when I turn the key so I'm guessing the computer is okay. So what could I be missing because the engine still won't turn over and I even had the batteries recharged. I don't see and other burnt wires. Help!!

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Yo rogmit,

Good that no one was injured!

With all battery posts, connectors, and ground cables clean,

since the relay on inner fender clicks, the path from ignition switch through clutch pedal positioning switch Jumper, with or without anti-theft module, to transmission range sensor aka MLPS sensor for E4OD, and to starter relay coil is Good.

Suspect relay.

Can measure voltage on starter side of relay that is #2 in this pic by Shaun, if battery voltage is there with key in START position, relay COULD BE GOOD, but not able to pass full current to starter or its solenoid atop starter.

Read this by BLADE262US at http://broncozone.com/topic/7446-94-bronco-starter-replacement/

The pop-up ad here is killing me, it interferes with my tablets pop-up keyboard.




With gloves and eye protection lay a heavy screw driver across both relay posts to send power directly to the starter. If starter spins replace relay.



The starter solenoid (11390) performs two functions. It shifts the starter drive pinion into engagement with the flywheel ring gear and connects the starter motor to the positive side of the battery.


The drive pinion is shifted through a lever which is connected to the solenoid plunger. The electrical circuit between the starter B and M terminals is closed by a contact disc which is also attached to the solenoid plunger.


Movement of the plunger is the result of a magnetic field generated by the pull-in and hold-in windings contained in the solenoid.


When the key is turned to START, current flows through both solenoid windings. This creates a magnetic field strong enough to pull in the plunger, shifting the overrunning clutch and drive pinion into mesh with the flywheel ring gear. As the plunger nears bottom it strikes the contact disc and forces the disc against the starting motor contacts. This completes the battery circuit, and the starting motor operates.


When the contact disc closes the contacts, the pull-in winding loses its effect due to the voltage being equal at both ends of the winding. The hold-in coil continues to hold the plunger in the closed position and reduces the current needed by the solenoid. When the ignition switch is released, the current to the solenoid stops. The springs within the solenoid open the starting motor circuit contacts and shift the clutch and pinion assembly to the at-rest position.


During engine cranking, the drive pinion is locked to the output shaft through an overrunning clutch. When the engine starts and picks up speed, the overrunning clutch allows the pinion to spin freely on the cranking motor driveshaft, preventing the engine from driving the cranking motor. This protects the armature from excessive speed during the brief period that the starter drive pinion gear remains enmeshed and the engine has started.

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Ok Miesk, I hadon't the starter wire that was supposed to go to solenoise on positive post of battery. So I changed that but it still just makes a clicking sound not like the battery is dead but just makes a clicking sound once. So,I'might going to check all the ignition fuses which I don't think that is it but I don't think the ignition box is turning ignition on. It has an MSD 6530 ignition box and that may be preventing it from turning over. It is raining in St. Louis all day today and hope to check ignition tomorrow it is dry. Got aNY other suggestions as what to check and I guess you can't bypass the solenoid on the firewall. Let me know what you think.

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Here is the diagram of the start circuit that should help you with the wiring.





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