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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

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Well it ran good for 5 days!


Checked the oil, it's low and dirty. Sprung a leak today. Can't see anything leaking from opening the hood. I looked around and nothing.


It's a spot on the ground just behind the front axle and it's almost dead center between the tires.

Might look under the truck tomorrow and get a better idea.


Can any of you point in to where the oil filter is on an 89 bronco II? Didn't see anything online that showed me where it is. Maybe a general idea of where to look, thanks. Waiting for daylight!


Hoping it's not the worst - where it's located at makes me think a rear seal.

Due to the condition of the oil I'm hoping it's a pan gasket.

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Oil leaks are tough to find.

Usually req. the eng. to be clean-n-dry. Rear of valve covers are often a prob.

Rear seal would be further back.


You'll see the oil filter when you're under the vehicle.

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