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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

overhaul or not to overhaul - cosmetics and some small issues

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I just landed an 89' ii xlt with 175k on it - never had one.


The good - it runs very good, new tranny in 2012, new heater core, freon conversion, tires are good, the brakes feel good, but I haven't looked at them in detail, seats are good, newer radio, no major dents in exterior, new muffler, new catalytic converter.


The not so bad - has a freon leak, needs a 4wd actuator/motor, or might just be a connector, driver door lock won't auto lock, passenger door won't unlock unless I play with it a bit from inside, the passenger window won't roll up, but I can guide it up while clicking on the power window button, rear hatch panel is loose, driver door handle won't close all the way, rear hatch won't close fully on the driver side only, front driver seat lower panel has no clips to stay on....some of these are pretty cheap/easy/minor!


I think I want to fix the stuff above and then redo the carpet and ceiling upholstry $1000ish, take off the fake wood dash and refinish or replace, fix 2 small dash cracks and later a paint job outside $1000ish at maaco.


The million dollar question - is the interior work worth it as well as the exterior????


I also wanted to know if there is a link to a bed liner as I remove the back seats? And who has done partial carpet and the rest as a bed liner?


BTW - My mechanic friend, (who has taught me a lot as I've owned a gmc sierra 90' and an 04' crossfire and a few honda shadows and have done some work on them myself and some with his help,) says don't fix any of the window/lock issues since the vehicle is older, I'd fix one thing then break something else in the process.



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dang I got 2 of these same posts thanks to my internet...



I eliminated the double post..., no biggie.

Also moved this post to the  " BRONCO II " slot. (Was in FSB section) 


You should get some help here.


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Hay Girl..,

You will need to let us know what your intended use is for this rig..? 

This would determine what fixes are in order.


".....I'd fix one thing then break something else in the process."  

This is a good point he made & quite common as so many things/parts are made of "plastic" these days.

Plastic gets brittle with sun/age.

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I'd be using it for basic needs - winter driving, dirt road access to photo shots, hiking, fishing, hauling stuff that won't fit in my sports car, driving it when the sports car is getting work done. 


Not really a rock climber type of girl - atleast on 4 wheels.

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