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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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86 b2 with some brake light/turn signal issues

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Hey guys, I tried lurking at a lot of other topics but they were all different from my problem.  When I first got my bronco2 the brake lights worked just fine, and the turn signals both worked as well as the hazards.  After a while the switch for my right turn started to wear out but still worked if I held the stick up. 


Then all of a sudden my brake lights don't work anymore.  I replaced the bulbs and still nothing.  They light up when I turn the lights on, just don't get brighter.  I took this opportunity to finally replace my turn signal switch, and that's where things got weird.


Left turn signal works, but is a reaaaallly slow flash.  Right turn signal "clicks" but doesn't flash, it just stays lit.  Hazards don't work.  Brake lights don't work. 


I'm a decent mechanic, and pretty proficient with electronics systems, but I have no idea where to start.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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yo 86,


If you have an 86 Bronco II;

Troubleshooting; "...If you have a problem when turning on one circuit it causes another to come on partially (dim lights, etc.), check the ground for the part or system that was turned on first. i.e., if you press the brake pedal & the parking lights turn on partially or fully, check the brake lights' ground; This is caused by current going thru da brake light bulb filaments & finding a ground in the parking lt. system instead of its own ground..."
Source: by miesk5



Wiring Diagram by Chilton;



All I can suggest is to use the diagram to test for batty power at Stop Lamp Switch, "Multifunction Switch (turn signal stalk/switch), etc.  and following from past posts here and elsewhere:

check the ground it will be in the frame on the rear drivers side

 hard wire a second ground connection from the ground wire of the lights (all grounds are Black (BLK) and attach it to any conveniently located bolt or screw to the frame or body; of course, ensure area is clean of rust & grime,,,. it may be to your advantage to do this on all the rear lights



Turn Signal & Flasher Trouble Shooting, General
Source: by procarcare.com  http://www.procarcare.com/includes/content/resourcecenter/encyclopedia/ch14/14TSTurnSignals.html

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thanks! the wiring diagram was a huge help.  after I saw the brake and hazards were on the same fuse, but different than the signals I popped open the box and saw the mess the old owner left me.  there were quite a few fuses mixed up, so I guess i'm lucky nothing got burnt out.  the fuse for the brake lights looked fine, but I still replaced it and it works now, so there must have been some sort of separation in there.  now i'm just dealing with the right side lighting up but not flashing.  sorry for the late feedback, been really busy with work the last few weeks.

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