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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Replacing Wheel Bearings

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Need some help on replacing the front wheel bearings on my 96. I've been listening to it squeak for a week now. This would be my first time attempting a wheel bearing change. I have the Hayes book, but it doesn't tell much about changing the wheel bearing as far as I can see. I was wondering if somebody could help me on a parts list, and any special tools I might need. Plus, maybe a walkthrough with some diagrams and stuff. I have manual locking hubs.

Plus, do you think this is a weekend job?(for a novice)

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Hi Leebow, welcome..!

My suggestion would be to get a few more opinions. (not knowing your experience)

This could be a wheel bearing(s) but, it could also be something in a bit deeper, like a spindle bearing. Or maybe something in the hub.


What you could do is hit the libuary... they have the books you need.

Hubs are pretty easy. Wheel bearings are a bit easier. Pulling the spindles is not hard but, now you're at the U-joints & they may be in need of service or replacement.

Not likely a weekend job if little experience. Took me 1 1/2 days as I had not gone that deep into front axles before.(replaced/re-built everything from hubs to u-joints )


Pics of typical hub to u-joints service.

(note: the spindles are just resting in place with bolts started. With the spindles pulled off.., the axles slide right out.)



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See my;

Replacement, Front Wheel Grease Seal and Bearing & Auto/Manual Hubs in a 96 from Ford Workshop Manual





1 3A329 Halfshaft

2 3C132 (Axle) Rolling Diaphragm Seal

3 3299 Integral Spacer Needle Bearing Seal

4 3123 Bearing, Caged Needle

5 3105 Front Wheel Spindle

6 3254 Spindle Rolling Diaphragm Seal

7 1190 Wheel Hub Grease Seal

8 4221 Inner Wheel Bearing (with Bearing Cup � 4222)

9 1102 Front Disc Brake Hub and Rotor

10 4221 Outer Wheel Bearing (with Bearing Cup � 4222)

11 � Pin (Part of 1195)

12 1195 Inner Lock Nut

13 1198 Lockwasher

14 1197 Outer Lock Nut

15 � Steel Thrust Washer (Part of 3B458)

16 � Plastic Thrust Washer (Part of 3B458)

17 � Splined Thrust Washer (Part of 3B458)

18 3B457 C-Ring

19 1K105 Hub Body

20 � Lock Ring (Part of 1K106)

21 1K104 Cup

22 1K104 Capscrew

A While Rotating Front Disc Brake Hub and Rotor, Tighten Inner Lock Nut to 68 Nm (50 Lb-Ft) to Seat Wheel Bearing. Back Nut Off 90 Degrees (1/4 Turn).

B Tighten to 217-278 Nm (160-205 Lb-Ft)

C Tighten to 4-6 Nm (35-53 Lb-In)



Wheel Bearing Locknut Torque Settings for 80-96 MANUAL HUBS, NOT Factory Auto Hubs; Ford Pickups and Bronco; "...Using a lockout spanner (Ford # T59T-1197-B or equivalent) and a torque wrench, tighten the inner bearing adjusting nut to 50 foot pounds while rotating the wheel back and forth and seating the bearing. Back off the adjusting nut approximately 45 degrees. Assemble the lock washer by turning the inner lockout to align the pin with the nearest hole in the lock washer. To lock it, install the outer lock nut and tighten it to 150 foot pounds. Grab the top of the tire with one hand and the bottom of the tire with the other. Move the tire in and out on the spindle. End play should be less than .006 – inch.).." Thanks to 90beater (Topher, Chris)!!!!

Source: by miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums



more info in my site @ http://www.broncolinks.com/index.php?index=508

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