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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

New guy from BC Canada

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Hello all.


I owned a 66 Bronco many years ago, had to sell do to a relocation of the family. Over the winter I picked up a 79. It basically cost me my time. I work weekends and have been helping out a couple days a week at the local wreckers.


Now as you can see it is pretty rough. It sat since 2003 when the local law basically parked it. It requires a full inspection before it can see the road again. A few weeks ago I looked at another 79. conditiontion was rough but better than the one I currently have and it couldlicensednced. I couldn't pull the trigger on it for some reason and left saying I will call tomorrow and let you know what I'm going to do. It was probably sold before I got home.


Last week I looked at another one. Much better shape than mine and the one I looked at. No engine but a 429 sitting in the garage. Again I go home. Tuesday I got kind of nervous because the add was no longer on Craigslist. As it turns out the add had expired. I called the fellow and said I'll be there this evening with a trailer. So Tuesday I came home with it and about 4 boxes of assorted engine pieces, including a new in the box oil pan, new in the box water pump, new in the box plug wires, Edelbrock intake. I'll pick up the engine next week along with another 3 or 4 boxes of stuff.


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yo ZIP,



The Black one looks good!


GL with it... post articles and pics when you can.


Jeff at the Bronco Graveyard has offered a 2% discount to members of The BroncoZone for on line orders. To get your discount, enter the discount code BZMEMBER. Also you must include your BroncoZone User Name with the order.


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