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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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steering stabilizer install

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i looking at installing a steering stabilizer on the bronco.


i'm going for a monroe kit that is on the justsuspensions website.


they show two options. one being for an open channel frame, the other for a boxed frame.

underneath it LOOKS like it would be an open channel frame, but how can i be sure?


why did ford go with two different types of frames any way - 4x4 vs. 4x2 maybe?




BTW: they have great prices, just sayin'...

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Ford went to a boxed front Frame Rail in 92-96; "convluted section for safety restraint sys (SRS) that crushes on heavy impact; includes air bags in 9406


Monroe kit is similar to the Rancho kit



Some info for you


pics, Rancho®, single in an 88

Source: by bAdKARma88 (Perry T, Bad Karma)




Repairs & Installation in an 83

Source: by Michael C (collinsperformance, The Money Monster) at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/6364/52992


Installation, Trail Master, dual in an 89

Source: by Tim C (TnTbronco2, Trail Truck, Street Truck, Crazed, Broke, OoG) at




Black diamond single steering stab by Tom D (LaNeR88


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thanks, miesk5!


i've got a handle on this now.


i know what to order and how to proceed.


damn, this site rocks!!!

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Heres a Monroe installed on my 93 Bronco XLT that had the factory mounts on it (see frame mount hanging down on the left).. took very little time to do.. and seemed to help..




The old one was VERY shot looking..



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