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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Bronco Build Ups

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Hey, I am just looking for people who have done some Bronco builds. I am more of a budget builder because I got little to no money. But I'd just like to hear what you've done with your bronco and what you think works and doesn't.


Here's what I have...

I have a 1979 Ford bronco with the 400m. recently purchased a 6" lift and a edlebrock intake and carb for reasonable prices. Haven't had that stuff installed. Right now I am running only 33's but i'd like to upgrade to 35's (Anyone know of a good 35" tire, i was thinking some Buckshots.) Um... The fenders are cut, and i am jsut looking for more ideas of what i can do to make it different and run better. Would be nice to get lower gears, but its too pricey right now...


Thanks for the help.

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What are your plans for the vehicle? Street,trail, rock crawl, show truck? Do you have a budget in mind?


Depends on what your plans are and how much $$$ you want to spend.


Post some pics so we can see what your working with.

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Ditto Bronk76,

Unless you are going to use the truck for something that it needs more power for, you already wasted money for a carb and manifold. If it's a weekend fun truck/ Home Depot hauler the stock equipment works fine. Spend the cash to make it look better.

Give Us your ideas.

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I am looking for a decent trail truck with the ability to make it through some decent mud pits. I'm not talking a top truck competitor... but it would be a weekend truck for sure, logging roads and jsut any of those side roads that nobody uses anymore.


But again, things i still want to purchase for it would be some headers, exhaust, cam, some newer tires (35's preferred- Thinking maybe soem pro comp or BFG mud terrains)some 4.11/ 4.09 gears. I jsut want a good reiable trail truck that can handle some deeper mud holes if the come.


My budget I guess i don't really have a actaul budget, just pick up parts if they have a decent price and add it into the bronco slowly.

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Ok, now I get a better idea.

For what you want to do, you need torque, more than horespower, and these trucks are already pretty good on torque.

You will most likely be running under 3K rpm. adding cam, manifold, headers, etc help an engine breathe, especially over 2500 rpm or so. I still don't think you are going to feel the benefits of those mods.

That being said, It's your truck and you can do as you wish.

My thinking is make it so it is reliable, and the suspension can handle offroad and deep trails.

Nothing ruins a fun weekend like a broken truck.

Be sure the ignition is in good shape. Maybe carry an extra module.

If you don't have them, get the proper skid plates.

With big tires you may want a steering stabilizer.

Make sure all the steering components are in good order. Replace any worn parts with heavy duty parts.

An aftermarket trans cooler would be on my list.

And finally a winch can get you out of a bad spot....or make you the hero for someone else.

and take extra oil, water, and trans fluid.


Good Luck and Have Fun.

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