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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Fuel pump always on

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I have an 88 5.8l EFI, with the fuel pump always on, even with out the key in the ignition. I have replaces the fuel pump relay, what else should I check before dropping the $$ for a new EEC? Is there any way to check if it is the EEC before doing that?

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yo Kylston,


Pump Runs w/Ignition Switch Off;

Also check EEC Power Relay; it may be hung up.



The ign switch actuator and or switch needs to be adjusted. When the ignition sw is switched to the ON position, it turns the EEC Power Relay on.


The EEC Power Relay provides power to the EEC-IV processor and the control side of the fuel pump relay.


Power for the fuel pump is supplied through a maxi fuse in Power Distribution Box (PDB). From the high current fuse, current flow is through the fuel pump relay and Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch to the fuel pump(s).


Wiring Diagram in 87-89 Bronco & F series (Mitchell); miesk5 Note; in qn 89, G801 is located on the LH inner fender behind the headlamp & both pumps Grounds join @ Splices S155 & S903

Source: by equivalent (Beetlejuice) at

http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/280824 (at Relays)

http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/280829 (at pumps)

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