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Saginaw Power Steering Pump Conversion

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I have a 87 B-Co Full size, 351W 5.8L, automatic 3-speed trans, all V-belt pulleys. Ive replaced the damn power steering pump twice, with remanufactured cardone pumps, and it still has a whinning sound as if its out of fluid. I have bleed the system. i have tried lucas fluid with conditioner, i've tried the thick lucas fluid.

i have changed the high pressure hose. it has all new belts, and it continues to whine. I either need a pacifier for the damn thing, or do the saginaw conversion. Does anyone know what part numbers i need for this conversion ie. pump part# bracket part# etc. or either what model vehicles that have saginaw pumps i could get one off of? Will the saginaw pump work with the v-belt pulley? Most of the saginaw pumps ive seen have the serpentine belt pulleys, if i switch out pulleys, will the saginaw pump and v-belt pulley still work?

also, could my steering gear box make the power steering pump whine??

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Use NAPA #NSP 818429F (if you are using the E250 VAN BRACKET and pulley as my friend here, Seabronc mentioned)


for the V Belt,

Swap in an 86 (from mid 80's carbed Ford Econoline) Source: by Aikidoka (Adam O)

-Belt Saginaw swap (no cutting/grinding!)

I just picked up a saginaw to swap into my 86 Bronco. I found out a few more things that can avoid some cutting/grinding. My donor vehicle was a mid 80's carbed Ford Econoline. It was also a v-belt system. I have a 351W. The donor had a V8, I think it was a 302, but I didn't really care too much.


What you'll need.

Pump and pump bracket.

Belt if it's in good condition. (It's shorter than the stock Bronco belt)

The long bolt in the top hole of the pump bracket and it's spacer.

The bracket connecting the pump bracket to the water pump.

The high pressure line. (The old one is the same size and threads, but the end connection is shaped differently and will not work.)


The engine bracket that holds the A/C has two holes in the bottom right corner for the power steering pump. It has one if you have the crappy stock pump, and a lower one for the saginaw pump. If you have gotten the extra bracket off the van, you will not need to modify your original bracket. I still haven't been able to get my old high pressure line off the steering box.

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Ok now im all the way screwed up. I took some photos of my power steering set up (please see my gallery). Two things: First of all, the part that Aikidoka (Adam O)called the bracket in his write up, is actually made into the main bracket (that bolts to the block) for the AC Compressor on my B-Co. And im sure it is stock on my vehicle. Mine does not have a separate piece that can come off, like the two small brackets he compared (original vs saginaw). Second, what i am calling the bracket is the actual bracket that the power steering pump is bolted to, with 3 or 4 bolts (again, please see the photo in my gallery). med_gallery_15990_1098_76905.jpg


Now when i do my conversion, will i need the bracket that my power steering pump is attached to, as well as the bracket that bolts to the block?


**On a side note, the small round canister looking thing in the upper left corner of the photo, (that the blue wire protector appears to be going to)..is that my coil?? :unsure: because there is one wire from the distributor that goes to it. Most of the ones ive seen are square-ish, and i dont have the square coil..so... :unsure:

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Actually I did mine the hard way, cutting and grinding :( . The bracket that is holding the pump came with the pump off a 78 F250. I had to fabricate the gray bolt spacer you can see just behind it, and I fabricated the adjustment bracket by combining the F250 adjustment bracket with adjustment bracket originally on my engine. I combined had to do a bit of cutting and grinding for that. Since then Saginaw started producing a drop in pump that fit on the Bronco original mounting bracket. I also had truck brake shop build me the High Pressure hose. Any way, all that was a bit of work.


If you can still get the Cardone pump, it is a drop in using your original bracket. You will need the tool for removing and installing the PS pulley. If not, then need to find an 80 - 87 E250 with a 302 or 351 and take everything from it. The Saginaw pump is an easy rebuild with the exception of the shaft bushing. That requires a hydraulic press or it will get screwed up. I used a 16 mm deep socket to push the old bushing out and a larger one to push the new one most of the way back in and then seated it with the 15 mm. I will post some pictures from the shop manual later.


Good luck,








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OK as I promised earlier here are the pages from the shop manual for a Saginaw pump rebuild.


Good Luck,










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I finally found the correct power steering pump and bracket for my B-Co. Just need to know, what the spacer is used for, bcuz i dont have the spacer???




figured out what the spacer was for. Found the whole set up, pump, pump bracket, bracket, spacer, high pressure hose,etc. Now its just a matter of installing. I'll take pics when i get started

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Donor vehicle:

1984 E150 5.8L 351W

with v-belt pulley system


Items used:

1. Saginaw power steering pump and pulley.

2. Power steering pump bracket.


4. High pressure hose



I didnt switch pulleys. I used the pulley that came on the E150 pump. And i used my stock B-Co belt. It seems to work ok. Also, i didnt have to switch the mounting bracket as some suggest. I used the mounting bracket that was on my B-Co. The pump, spacer, power steering bracket all lined up correctly with the stock B-Co mounting bracket.


Finished the Saginaw conversion yesterday. the whining noise is gone!!! :D/ All of the responses people say

about the steering, after doing the conversion, is true. Turning the steering wheel is very smooth. I would advise

everyone to do this conversion. Now, for a few pics and tips when doing the conversion:


It was cool that everything bolted up and pretty much fit, like that pump was made to go in the B-Co.

The hardest part, to me, was lining up the spacer properly so that the big bolt can go through the pump bracket, pump, and spacer

correctly. It took a lot of wiggling, but eventually it lined up, so be prepared. next was the high pressure hose problem.

When i removed the pump from the van, i just removed the pressure line from the gear box, and left it attached to the pump, so that

when i installed it on my B-Co, i would only have to worry about installing it on my gear box. The fitting screwed into the gear box

ok, but there was a leak from the fitting. I read, in another forum, someone had the same problem. Not sure how they corrected it, but

for a simple fix i used...



teflon tape seemed to fix the problem, for now at least. i unscrewed the fitting from the gear box, I wrapped a few layers around the end of the tube, not the screw fitting, but on the actual end of the tube. then i slid the fitting back down over the taped up end, and screwed it back into the gear. Wa lah! problem solved. some say you have to bend the metal line so that it fits properly. i didnt have to bend the line at all, once the end was screwed into the gear box, the rubber part of the hose tucks nicely underneath the reservoir of the pump.


I also installed an in-line filter, just in case there was some old debris inside the reservoir.



out with the old...



In with the new...




and now i am part of an elite group of B-Co owners....The Saginaw Converters :)

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