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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Pro Comp Lift kit experience?

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Curious if anyone has used these. I ask, as they have a $400 rebate on the stage 2- 4 inch lift kit through the end of the year. That's basically 30 percent off. Since I need to redo my suspension as it's all shot anyway- I think that may be a nice fit. Any comments?

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I haven't had any experience with them. The general consensus here is that a 6" lift is better and for the small amount extra they usually cost, it's worth it.

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I have Links to 3 people who installed Pro-Comp Stage II 6 inch lifts in their Broncos; however thay are just picture links w/No commentary;

in my site @ http://www.broncolinks.com/index.php?index=739


And as my buddy da SHADOW advised; this is by Bronconut;

"If your going to get a kit get one with extended radius arms. I chose pro-comp for mine and it has done its job, any kit you buy with the longer arms will act about the same. Avoid r-arm drop brackets and blocks, go for longer arms and add a leaf kits or get new rear springs. I would also go for the 6" kit to, if you are going to lift it you might as well go for the 6", so many people bought the 4" kits and a year or two later find themselves looking for a 6" kit...."


Of course you may want the 4" lift because of numerous issues..so...here are comments by others.. none on the PC 4" tho;


Next is by Ewgoetz;

"In the near future i am planing to replace my rear leafs with some Pro comp Springs as my stock springs were saging a little previously and not after the lift its noticable alot now after alot of it settled. So If yours are saging also I would sugest not getting rear add a leafs and just get a set of leafs that are made for 4 inch lifts..."


by liliysdad

" have a ProComp Series 1 6", and I love it. It has the best brackets I have seen, although I havent seen the DCs yet. I hate the way the other lift companies get lazy and use cast radius arm drop brackets, and the rear axle pivot bracket that bolts to your original bracket. The ProComp uses beefy, welded brackets, but to warn you, There is a LOT of torching/grinding/drilling to do..."



"I've got a stage 2 lift from Pro-Comp, but I didn't have any Probs with my Drop bracket on either side "


He wrote that because someone else complained that their PRO COMP lift brackets did Not fit... ended up being the parts store sold him a PC kit that someone taken the brackets out of and swapped in a pair from a Dodghe


Others have said that PC springs sag... but they never came up w/a pic or indicated whose bronco had the sagging PC springs..


as always, folks will defend their purchases; while others, esp the guys here, will let ya know the true skinny.

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I over-wrote this;

BLUE90 wrote;

Bronco Info: '90 XLT, 302, AOD, 4" Pro Comp, 12.50 X 33" BFG-AT, 8.8/D44 w/4.10 gears

"I have the Pro Comp 4" stage II, and have never had any alignment problems at all. I like the Pro Comp because it is sort of spongy, not teeth jarring on the road. Also have Pro Comp shocks. The only drawback is the tires rub on the radius arms when you crank the wheel. Other than that it's a great package. Don't know how different the 6" is but it can't be too much different..."




Pro Comp Suspension Kits @ 4 Wheel Parts

$250 Mail-In Rebate w/ Purchase of Pro Comp Suspension Kits $500-$999


Download: Mail In RebateTake advantage of this special deal: $250 Mail-In Rebate w/ Purchase of Pro Comp Suspension Kits $500-$999

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