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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Fuel Tank query

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This is just the product of some amble wandering in my mind. We all know the size of the early Bronco gas tanks leave alot to be desired. Apparently, because it's for an "Early" Bronco, replacement high capacity tanks seem to be inordanately more expensive than ones for other newer vehicles. Has anybody retrofit a tank from another vehicle to fit in the same basic space as the original tank? If so, where did you get it, and what modifications/bracketry were needed to make it fit? A difference of $300 for a 33 gallon 80's/90's era Bronco versus a 23 gallon EB tank is pretty significant, and could be spent elsewhere on the vehicle.

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I used to "white-knuckle" it on the last leg of our trips head'n home..!! [-o<

I always had the least amount of fuel on board & usually pulled into town on fumes. :o


THEN., I installed a 40 gal. alum. tank out of a boat (it was "free") where the rear seat goes. (it serves as a seat if needed) The tank has a sealed filler cap (inside) & a vent-tube to the outside & not visable. (odorless in the cab)

I calculate the trip distance & fuel up with what's needed PLUS approx. 50 mi. reserve.

The "wheel'n" group calls me the "76 station" as I now have 65 gal. capacity & can pump to another vehicle if needed. :D


OOPS..! Forgot to mention, EB's are unique in size & fuel tank shape...however if you search the boneyards long enough., you may find something that can be hogged into that area. Safety being the priority.

As to "price" the aft. mkt. tanks are HIGH QUALITY & made in the USA....to EB specs.

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I almost regret sellin my aftermarket 25 gallon tank, but an axle move is in the future and I am dedicated too my propane. Another option is a fuel cell from, summit, jegs, jcwhittney if your dont mind the rear area used for fuel or maybe some smaller ones on both sides of the rear cargo area. If your carbed plumbing is easy, let them all flow together with gravity and install proper venting outside cab area.


This is a great question and could save $$$ for future builders, what other tank can fit in that hole for the early broncos, did ford make that tank just for the bronco or is there another car that had a similiar tank that can be made too fit with some modifictions example different strap and blocking, If feel that if there was a tank that fit there would be 100 forum subjects or major sellers telling use about it? It is a at close of production 77 still a 33 year old truck and beginning in 66 a 44 year old truck.(still just an old truck nothing special)


Otherwise your stuck with getting the tank boiled out at the radiator shop $$$ and or I know there are tank coatings that you can do at home but have no knowledge how they work?????


BBB( I think I need too rename as the stupid blue donkey) all it does is go slow, but never stops....

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