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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size

Fuel Pump won't shut off

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New member here and need some assistance.


I just bought a very clean Eddie Bauer 1989 Bronco with the 5.8L for my son at West Point. I bought it in New Mexico for my son's birthday and drove it to So. Cal without incident. It sat for a few day's and when we went to start it, it was dead. Replaced the battery and alternator for good measures. Went out the following day, and it was dead again. Had the alt and battery bench tested and they were fine. However, when I re-connected the battery, I heard a faint motor running and traced it back to the fuel tank area. Seems the fuel pump does not want to shut off when the ignition is off. This is what was draining the battery.


Could this be the fuel pump relay or am I looking at something else? Does anyone know where the relay is located? Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. Just trying to get this rig on the road again so my boy can take it back to school for his 'firstie' (senior) year!



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The relay probably has the points welded. Here is a diagram of the circuit. I assume that your son is a Firstie at West Point. My Bronco belonged to my son-in-law when he was a Firstie at West Point. He is now a Major and teaches in the computer science department.



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