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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Fuel Pump on a '67 w/V8 289

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We have inheireted a 1967 Ford Bronco with a 289 (V8), and were told it needs a Fuel Pump. This was decided since it would run as long as fuel was poured directly into the carb, as soon as you stopped adding fuel, it would stall out. My question is being new to this, is this something I can replace myself? I went to the local auto parts store and they have an electric fuel pump that goes inside the gas tank? Isn't there a mechanical fuel pump located somewhere on the motor? I could use any and all assistance, Thanks!

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The 289 will have a fuel pump on the drivers side of the engine towards the front of the engine. It has two bolts (horizontally) that hold it to the aluminum timing cover. It will have two hoses going to it, one is from the fuel tank and the other obviously goes to the carburetor. It is a pretty easy job. I would try it before you paid someone to do it. You will also need to replace (or add) a fuel filter in the fuel line (between the carb and the new fuel pump). Buy a can of brake cleaner and clean the area before you pull the pump off. When reinstalling the new pump, smear some silicone RTV on both sides of the gasket and then install pump. You dont need that much silicone, just like you were gluing two peices of paper together but go all the way around the flat surface.

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Ditto what Crude said..,

But., a few cautions.

There's many, but easy to fix, items that could be causing this., or adding to it.

Clogged fuel tank/fuel pick-up tube.

Clogged or cracked fuel lines (rubber portions)

A stuck needle & seat in the carb. (i.e. stuck float)

Even a plugged fuel filter.

With an unknown veh. & adding a new fuel pump.., It wouldn't hurt to add an inline fuel filt. on the "inlet" side of the pump.... just in case there's "junk" in the lines. (junk in a new pump...deems it an "old" pump)

A "bad" pump will leak out the "weep-hole" on the bottom.




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