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stock tire size?

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There were probably different tire sizes. Have you checked the label on driver side door post? the info should be on there.

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probably 31x10.5x15 but like bronc76 said it should be on the dr door post sticker.

stock tires are 31x10.5x15. this tire size will work with your speedo.if you go bigger or smaller you will have to change the gear in your trans. case to read the correct speed. i went through the same quandry with mine and i was running 275 25 15's and my speedo was off exponentially over 35 m.p.h. also the power was lacking with the under sized tires. with the right tires under her you will notice a better ride, handling, gas mileage ect... never noticed how much that affected my ride till i made it right.if you look around this forum you'll find, as i did, theres a posting with a link to a site that will tell you what gear you need to make the speedo work right with whatever tire size you go with, bigger or smaller.

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