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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size
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Bucket seat cushion

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Yep!... but they usually respond to phone/or e-mail Qs... I think someone in SuperMotors bought these a few yrs ago. His post is gone now due to the big crash... May as well buy foam locally.

Sixlitre bought some 1" foam and did the job too in his 86 Eddie Bauer

And didn't you replace your Crown Vic's cushions, etc. once?

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When sourcing foam make sure its high density,

standard furniture upholstry foam collapses to much.


For a little more plushness, you can use standard foam

over top of high density, an inch thick works well.


Try local shops for the high density foam.


Side note: electric carving knives worke great for shaping foam

I keep a few for building seats on choppers

not a builder just to cheap to pay $500 for a seat

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ok Steve; couldn't recall what you did at the time.


Good info 73!


and here is what Malcolm did;

Rebuild in an 86 Eddie Bauer; "....It gets rid of the toilet feel they get as they age (your @$$ touches the sides, but not the middle). for next to nuthin' and they feel great now. All it cost me was a box full of hog rings and a pair of hog ring pliers, some 1" foam and the special non-melting spray can of foam rubber adhesive. Cut the hog rings and remove the seat bottom covers. Cut the center piece for foam, then the side bolsters, spray them and the original seat foam, wait 4 minutes and stick em on. After that pull the covers back over and install the new hog rings.While you're in there, tighten all bolts, especially the floor and track to seat bolts. I did this not just cause' Iz cheap, but also because precious few other seats out there are as large or have armrests. Dirt cheap, damned easy and darned effective..."

Source: by Sixlitre

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