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Favorite Bronco Year?

Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, new to the forum and thanks in advance for any help. I've recently (5/14/16) just picked up a 1986 XLT 351 Automatic with a few known issues. My brother has an 86 he's owned for about a year and we'll be building these as camping and trail rigs. Don't want to get mud up to the floor boards or crawl rocks, just want a reliable rig to take into the woods. It runs like a dream when driving, but a few of the creature comforts and a couple larger issues I need to get my hands on. 1) Seems to have some trouble starting. I have to run the starter longer than what I should. When it runs the carb seems to be tuned well, new plugs and wires, air and fuel filter seem clean, and my brother who knows more than I do says timing is great. Just a matter of getting actually running. I haven't really seen a difference with cold mornings, warm engine etc. I've pulled the inspection plate and the teeth on the flex plate could look a little better but they're not awful. Oh and a big piece of info! After bringing it home I pulled the starter and the spur on the starter had missing teeth (autozone reman starter). I've since replaced with something quality. Has definitely helped, but still requires a little more cranking at times than it should. 2) White reverse lights don't work. All other indicators and bulbs are fine. 3) Driver and passenger windows won't roll down. The rear glass works great from the interior switch or exterior key switch. The guy that I bought it from said they worked a few months ago. Then they worked intermittently, then quit all together. I've checked the 20amp fuse under the steering column. I'm thinking bad ground, but don't know where to look. 4) Fuel gauge reads empty all the time. I know it's likely the sender but want to verify before just throwing parts at common issues. I'll be dropping the tank if I'm able to on Saturday 5/21. Is it usually possible to clean or repair these? I'm trying to watch cost like every other guy. 5) The driver side lock feels like it's binding when you push on the little silver rod. I've got the interior door panel off and have reached back there to see if I can feel anything obvious, but no dice. I think the electric locks would work if that would move like it should (passenger side works fine). How does the locking mechanism work? Any diagrams/pictures? Any help on any of these would be really awesome. I'm wanting to take it out on a 3 day logging road adventure (live in Oregon) over Memorial Weekend. Thank you guys for any help in the right direction. 1986 Bronco (full size) XLT Auto Trans 351
  2. soi started my 94 bronco this morning ran for 3 mins then stopped i was in it when it stopped it cut right off no jerking just right off i then tried to start it again but it just cranks over its not out of gas i just put gas in it the night before I'm sure its a fuel pump but i was looking at the fuel shut off switch and the bottom was pressed all the way in so i piped it up and messed with it for a min but still nothing so then i went into the fuse box under the hood and i seen a wire running from the fuel pump coil fuse to the furl pump relay i don't know what that was all about so I'm stuck could anyone help me i would be greatly be appreciate it
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