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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys im having a problem with my fuel pump not working. ive traced it down to the relay since im not getting any juice to the green with yellow strip wire that feeds the inertia switch. i have juice at the yellow wire and the red wire running into the relay.Is the blue with orange strip wire a ground?? ive swapped the relays out with other ones (kept the EEC relay in since it powers the fuel pump relay) with no success. i can hear it clicking just no juice to the other side. Not sure if this is important either but im not getting power to my starter solenoid from the key. will try to start when jumped at the posts but without the fuel pump running i cant start it. PLEASE HELP!!! I did a whole body and interior swap from an 88 to a 95 (after i rolled it)and havent had it running for over 2 years. just hearing it crank left tears in my eyes haha. ive checked all grounds that i can find and everything else seems to be working fine. i can take pictures if need be. just need to get this BEAST back on the trails.
  2. So it has been a while since I have posted on this forum but i've owned a few fords since then. Alrighty, so I just moved way up north to Washington from Texas. My lady and I moved up here to be closer to her family and better opportunities, well there has been an agreement on me and my lady's grandfather, Del, he has 1989 F150, 4x4, Single Cab, Swb, with a hopped up 351. So Del has been telling me the problems on this truck and it kinda has me lost diagnostically but I do want to ask questions about this darn thing. Del decided to take the old 351 block out did some work to it and put it back in. Well shortly after he started to experiencing weird problems with it. When you turn the key into the on position, the fuel pump runs constantly and will cause the truck to not want to start.Like the fuel pump should shut off after a couple of seconds but doesn't stop. He replaced the the fuel pump and the computer more than once. It'll run strong for a little while and start having problems, Del unplugged the battery for 10 days, hooked it back up and it started right up. He said something about letting the capacitors release all the data. Once again, it would run strong for a good bit and then just die. Well I got to put my hands on it and all I did was unplug the fuel pump relay, turned the key on, and the fuel pump never made a sound. I connected the relay back in, turned the key, and the fuel pump run constantly and didn't start. My guess is that I need to probably backtrack that wiring and check for a bad ground? Any help is appreciated! If I left anything out, i'll try to update this.
  3. Need some input from the fuel injection gurus out there. My fuel pump relay is clicking like its sending morse code, very erratic like. It wont start so Ive been reading it could be either the fuel pump relay itself or the EEC relay. My question is whats the difference between the two relays? They look identical to me but thats why Im asking the pros. Also if anyone happens to have part numbers for the two it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. 89 Full size 302ci E4OD trans
  4. Hey guys it's been a long time. My 89 bronco 5.8 efi will crank but no start. The PO had been using the "wrong" battery with the polarity backwards from the ergonomics of the truck wiring so a few things had been moved to make it look like it was supposed to be like that. anyway, long story short I hooked it up backwards. I have been diagnosing the no start using these: http://troubleshootmyvehicle.com/ford/4.9L-5.0L-5.8L/how-to-troubleshoot-a-no-start-1 http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford/4.9L-5.0L-5.8L/eec-power-relay-tests-1 http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford/4.9L-5.0L-5.8L/fuel-pump-relay-tests-1 EEC checked out all good, sprayed starter fluid into the intake and she started so I know I've got spark. The relay was old and had some corrosion and I've already changed it out with another I know is working. I have probed the wires at the pump and am getting no power to pump. I replaced a fusible link near the starter solenoid and all wires coming off starter solenoid have around 12volts (I checked after the fusible links, but maybe there are more to check) I have power to fuel pump relay but when testing continuity to the ground on the relay, the light comes on before turning the ignition on, then turns off when the ignition is turned on. which is opposite of what should happen as far as I have read. Jumping the #3 and #4 wires on the relay turns something on, but not the fuel pump. I hear a faint "pump-like" noise when they are jumped, but no fuel pressure and no auditory (sound) evidence of the fuel pump coming on. hopefully you guys can help.I have a few pictures loading from my camera that I will upload in a minute
  5. Hey guys I'm a little puzzled if there is someone who could give me some ideas or pointers to solve the issue: I have a 1981 Bronco that was a v6 that had a 351 W swap done to it. I had the bronco for a few months and on my way home one day it cut out while driving. The first issue was, the starter relay would not disengage and after the engine was cranked over the starter would not disengage. I had to manually change the switch on the carb to adjust the fuel pressure so the engine would continue to run. A few weeks later, I started the car and let the engine warm up for 28 minutes, I drove it to work and on my way I stopped at a 7-11, I put the car in reverse as soon as I shifted the car in park the engine cut off. The car did not make and abnormal sounds at all it just cut off. The engine was a crank no start, I checked the carb and fuel was entering the carb, the battery was tested and good, I checked the plugs, wires, and distributor and all were fine. it was a crank no start. I had it towed home. I bought a new starter relay, replaced it, that is all I did the car turned right over. I'm bewildered what ghost issue has had the car randomly become a crank no start, and a day later turn right over. Also the new starter relay was popping again. brand new and after engine cranked its still not disengaging the starter. what would cause the crank no start from what is described as well as the starter relay popping? If anyone has any help or questions to further diagnose please let me know thanks
  6. When I first received the bronco it started no problems, twice. It sat for a week I went to start it to keep the battery charged; I heard something click once internal lights, external lights, instrument lights, all died and would not turn on again. I tried to to start again this time no clicking noise, no lights. I started troubleshooting 15 min in to it and magic, lights returned! So I turn the key to standby position brake light energized, turn to start, everything dead check wires-good, battery-good, starter-good, starter relay-good(It cranked only once out of countless tries). I disconnected the starter from the starter relay and turn the key, relay clicks on; when key is released to "run" relay clicks off-as it should-lights stay on and everything. Connect starter and it returns to one click lights out. So I bought a new starter installed it turned the key, click and lights out. Voltage test on the "S" terminal of the starter relay turn the key to start: 12.5V. Twelve was on the alternator, distributor, and starter coil. So figured it was the starter relay, bought a new one...NOPE! Same deal! Ideas?
  7. Hello! Recently, I took my b2 offroading.. literally off all roads and into a creek. Water never got up to the doors but it did splash quite a bit of water all around. I made it home with absolutely no issues (20 miles from location) and parked it over night. I woke up and went to run some errands when I came to find it wouldn't start. I tried clutch starting and dry runs, nothing. It does try to turn over though, but it's acting like it's simply out of gas. I let the car sit in the hot kansas sun for 2 days with the relays opened to allow them to dry (they were sopping wet) I got to work on testing things, first I checked the Fuel Pump Relay and all wires read hot when they were supposed to, so I went on to replace the relay. No luck From there, I checked the wires for damage, nothing but occasional cracks in the tubing. The eec and all other relays are good. I did notice my inertia switch might have maybe been tripped, its button is slightly raised. So I smacked it with a crowbar and fully tripped it, reset it, no change. Then I thought I'd listen for the fuel pumps (high pressure on the frame rail and low pressure in the tank) and the high pressure kicks on but not the low pressure. This got me onto the idea of a bad connection, either in the plug or ground. I searched for the ground for about half an hour until I lost all my daylight. Does anyone have an idea of where the ground is located or what else might be causing this issue? My wire cluster come from the plug in the tank directly into a sleeve and from there it adds more wires until ending its journey in the engine bay. No cords go out, only in. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1512024155684052 This is a video or me getting it wet. I did this for almost an hour, on top of trails and actual creek runs. SOLVED!! After many issues, it was my starter solenoid. Read the posts below for all the trial and error and troubleshooting.
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