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Favorite Bronco Year?

Found 4 results

  1. I've got a 92 Ford Bronco with a 408 Stroker engine and I noticed that it gets up to about 210 degrees when it is about 90 degrees outside or higher, I noticed the temperature change after i replaced the OE radiator to an after market radiator which I replaced when it still was a 351 from O'reillys. I double checked to make sure that it wasn't the thermostat put in wrong. So , I'm thinking the after market radiator has 2 rows which I read cools better than a 4 row. It has electric fans but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Does anyone know how many rows an OE radiator from Ford had and should I be using a radiator with bigget flow tubes on the inside of the radiator or could the fans be too strong for the radiator. Any help will be apprciated.
  2. Hey everyone, I hope someone can help me out. I have a 76 Bronco Sport with a 302 and C4. I've had the Bronco since last August and have put about 3,000 miles on it in that time. The previous owner only had the truck about 3 years and had taken it as payment for a debt, so he knew very little about it. Based on the idle, I believe that it has a mild cam in it. He told me that he knows the heads are from an earlier year (71?) because the spark plugs from a 76 didn't fit. The truck also has an Edelbrock Performer intake and 4 barrlel carb. Under normal conditions, in town or on the highway, the truck runs at 190*F according to the factory temp gage. When I come to a stop, the truck maintains that temperature. When I turn the Bronco off, then turn the key back ON (so the gages work) the temperature quickly climbs all of the way to the peg on the hot side. If I start the truck with the temperature elevated above about 220*F on the gage, it is noticeably harder to start, and runs rough until the temperature comes back down to 190*F. The temp comes back down pretty quickly once the truck is running. I have not flushed the cooling system, but the coolant looks to be in good shape; clean and green. Am I damaging the truck by letting it get this hot? What are the potential causes and solutions? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Steve
  3. 1987 B-Co, 351w, edelbrock 1406, edelbrock performer intake, gibson headers, c6 trans, no EEC (from factory), stock fan w/shroud in place, newish radiator, fairly new fan clutch. (radiator has been recently fully flushed, reflushed, and filled) So, the temperature gauge rises gradually while in gear. Thinking it might be timing related, Ive done several test runs ranging from 16 degree btdc to 6 degrees btdc, and the problem still occurs. and what I mean is, that when I put it in gear, with brake engaged, and sit for about 5 mins in gear, the temperature gradually rises (to the L in NORMAL on the gauge). Once I start driving for a while, the temp drops back to normal (between the R and the M in NORMAL on the gauge). im pretty sure that the timing is not the problem. Other problem factors that ive considered are: the heat generated from the shorty headers, the thermostat, the heater core is not connected, and the engine has been bored .060. any help would be greatly appreciated...!!
  4. I have an 84 Ford Bronco with a 302 and cannot figure out why it is overheating so any help will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased the truck from a guy who claimed the 302 had been freshly rebuilt. I have taken it on the highway 2 times and both times it has overheated. hell if I drive it around town long enough it will start heating up. I thought my thermostat might be sticking so I decided to do a coolant flush. after the coolant flush it overheated again. I went looking for the thermostat hoping to find it had simply been put in backwards only to discover there is no thermostat. the coolant coming from my engine after the flush looked like coffee which im guessing it shouldn't look like that. the inside of my radiator is still pretty filthy and gunked up so im thinking a new radiator might solve the problem. im not a mechanic nor do I claim to be one. I usually work on my other bronco with nothing more than a Chilton catalog, youtube videos, and beer. can someone please help me and let me know if I am overlooking anything? thank you in advance.
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