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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys im having a problem with my fuel pump not working. ive traced it down to the relay since im not getting any juice to the green with yellow strip wire that feeds the inertia switch. i have juice at the yellow wire and the red wire running into the relay.Is the blue with orange strip wire a ground?? ive swapped the relays out with other ones (kept the EEC relay in since it powers the fuel pump relay) with no success. i can hear it clicking just no juice to the other side. Not sure if this is important either but im not getting power to my starter solenoid from the key. will try to start when jumped at the posts but without the fuel pump running i cant start it. PLEASE HELP!!! I did a whole body and interior swap from an 88 to a 95 (after i rolled it)and havent had it running for over 2 years. just hearing it crank left tears in my eyes haha. ive checked all grounds that i can find and everything else seems to be working fine. i can take pictures if need be. just need to get this BEAST back on the trails.
  2. Hey everyone First I'm the new guy just got my first bronco its a 1995 4x4 351w I am having an issue I am having a hard time tracking down. first I have had no issues with the bronco until now, I am having NO lack of power, no hesitation, no leaks. I got in the bronco the other day fired it up an I notice a strange noise when sitting in the truck coming from the passenger side floor board area seems to change its tone revving the engine the actual noise is coming from the engine. I got out and opened the hood an you can hear it towards the passenger side of the engine around intake area but I'm not sure its hard to find with a running engine. but to describe the sound almost like a whipping, puffing sound kind of like a belt issue but its not the belt weeded that out and now when I drive and especially when I get on it I have a strong fuel odor have any of you had an issue like this ? I kind of thought it might be a vacuum issue or maybe the EGR valve but the engine has not lost power or even have and issue just the noise. any help would be appreciated thanks IT DOSE NOT SEEM TO BE AN INTERNAL ENGINE ISSUE
  3. Hello Everyone, OK! i have a 1989 bronco 5.0l xlt 33x12.5x15. Friday 1/15/16 going to work started acting up. losing power, and then riving up to 40k then check engine light came on. made it to a mechanic shop, they looked at and thought electrical but they don't work on electrical. gave me a place to go that nothing but vehicle electric.not open weekends. what i have done so far myself is change fuel and EEC relays no cure. i have 40 psi at fuel rails pressure good. now comes the head scratching part. I can not get the codes. yes i have a ford obd 1 code reader i have used on truck before and it worked. this time it didn't preform the test, i went and did the Manuel jumpers to test no code flashes at the check engine light or meter. what i did notice which ever test method i did the fuel pumps would stay running( never did that before with the ford tester). what the bronco doing now still losing power when giving gas, strong smell exhaust like to rich mixture, idles at 10k normal 8k, and increase fuel consumption. so scratching my wondering why fuel pumps keeping running while setting up test mode (don't shut so test check cant run). Has anyone else had this problem, and anyone have a clue what to do? one more in the morning had to use starter fuild once to start, but rest of the i can drive it ( slow take off that is) and start it any time. New fuel pumps and inline filter New coil and ignition module and ignition module connector New temp sensors one to gauge and one to computer Computer good mechanic did have spare put it in same thing happening Now i am think only thing is to find a complete engine harness from comp on. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you Duane.
  4. soi started my 94 bronco this morning ran for 3 mins then stopped i was in it when it stopped it cut right off no jerking just right off i then tried to start it again but it just cranks over its not out of gas i just put gas in it the night before I'm sure its a fuel pump but i was looking at the fuel shut off switch and the bottom was pressed all the way in so i piped it up and messed with it for a min but still nothing so then i went into the fuse box under the hood and i seen a wire running from the fuel pump coil fuse to the furl pump relay i don't know what that was all about so I'm stuck could anyone help me i would be greatly be appreciate it
  5. I have a 77 Ford Bronco, rebuilt from the ground up. Runs like a champ when it runs. Then, basically out of the blue, it starts chugging, missing, and overall running very rough under load. If I pull over and stop, it will idle just fine. Based on a lot of what I read here, I replaced the ignition unit, and it ran perfectly for a day. Then next day, the problem returned. Fuel pump is fine. Filter is fine. It feels that arbitrarily my truck just stops getting fuel for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.
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