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Favorite Bronco Year?

Found 8 results

  1. Hey there. Pretty new owner. '93 Bronco. When I got it, it was surging pretty bad at idle on startup whether cold or hot. Mechanic replaced the map sensor. Runs smoother, but surges lightly still. The smell of exhaust fumes never went away. I found one line that runs to no where and is not capped. I also notice that there is a line plugged in with a screw. I'm not entirely familiar with whats going on under the hood. I've attached two pictures. The line originates from under the battery and runs for about two feet. Here is the line that is plugged. Also, can anyone refer me to some good guides on identifying what is under the hood?
  2. Hey everyone First I'm the new guy just got my first bronco its a 1995 4x4 351w I am having an issue I am having a hard time tracking down. first I have had no issues with the bronco until now, I am having NO lack of power, no hesitation, no leaks. I got in the bronco the other day fired it up an I notice a strange noise when sitting in the truck coming from the passenger side floor board area seems to change its tone revving the engine the actual noise is coming from the engine. I got out and opened the hood an you can hear it towards the passenger side of the engine around intake area but I'm not sure its hard to find with a running engine. but to describe the sound almost like a whipping, puffing sound kind of like a belt issue but its not the belt weeded that out and now when I drive and especially when I get on it I have a strong fuel odor have any of you had an issue like this ? I kind of thought it might be a vacuum issue or maybe the EGR valve but the engine has not lost power or even have and issue just the noise. any help would be appreciated thanks IT DOSE NOT SEEM TO BE AN INTERNAL ENGINE ISSUE
  3. hello i am looking for some help to find a replacement motor for my 1990 bronco with a 351w in it right now. i have a rebuilt e4od transmission with a 9 inch in the rear. i have look on craigslist to find one but have not been able to find one that i like. i have also looked at jasper engines, but have had bad reviews about them and there prices are to high for me. i have also been to a couple of local machine shops the build them and all have been priced over 5 grand. I need help to find a site or places that sell good motors for around 2 grand. any other advice with replacing the motor would be very helpful also.
  4. OK guys i need help with steps to replacing my bronco motor. Here's some background info. i had some guy rebuild it i think, apparently he just took my money. the motor ran like crap and before it stopped running completely it was making a crazy rattle sound at idle (not the exhaust) it also made a loud whipping sound when i would drive, but only when it was in drive and moving. plus the motor had a noticeably less power than before. i found out that he used cheap paper gaskets to save him money. so really i need a link or someone that could explain to me the basic steps to replace the motor with a new one that i bought from a good friend. and if there are any things i need to do to the new motor before i put it in. o yea its a 351w.
  5. Hey guys I'm a little puzzled if there is someone who could give me some ideas or pointers to solve the issue: I have a 1981 Bronco that was a v6 that had a 351 W swap done to it. I had the bronco for a few months and on my way home one day it cut out while driving. The first issue was, the starter relay would not disengage and after the engine was cranked over the starter would not disengage. I had to manually change the switch on the carb to adjust the fuel pressure so the engine would continue to run. A few weeks later, I started the car and let the engine warm up for 28 minutes, I drove it to work and on my way I stopped at a 7-11, I put the car in reverse as soon as I shifted the car in park the engine cut off. The car did not make and abnormal sounds at all it just cut off. The engine was a crank no start, I checked the carb and fuel was entering the carb, the battery was tested and good, I checked the plugs, wires, and distributor and all were fine. it was a crank no start. I had it towed home. I bought a new starter relay, replaced it, that is all I did the car turned right over. I'm bewildered what ghost issue has had the car randomly become a crank no start, and a day later turn right over. Also the new starter relay was popping again. brand new and after engine cranked its still not disengaging the starter. what would cause the crank no start from what is described as well as the starter relay popping? If anyone has any help or questions to further diagnose please let me know thanks
  6. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove a 302 engine, C4 transmission & transfer case from a 1973 Bronco? Can I remove as a unit or should I remove each item separately? Any videos? Thanks
  7. What engine and year model that is fuel injected will drop into a 1978 ford bronco ranger xlt
  8. Hi, I have an 89 Bronco that just started giving me problems last weekend. I stopped at a gas station and when I came back the key wouldn't start my truck. The dash lights come on, the fuel pumps kick on and it looks ready to roll but there's no resistance on the ignition switch where the starter would normally start cranking. I jumped the solenoid and it starts and runs fine. I put a new ignition switch in and it did the same thing. Any ideas what might be wrong? Also, the night before, it didn't start the first time I turned the key so I turned it off then tried again and it started fine. It did it twice that night so it seems it quickly progressed to going out completely.
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