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Favorite Bronco Year?

Found 3 results

  1. Oh hello! I didn't see you there. Now that I have you, I have a modeling plan for a Ford Bronco. I game on PC. After finding a Sim called BeamNG.Drive. I am deciding to make its very own Bronco. I have seen a few attempts made. But I want to get more in-depth with the 4X4. Stock, mud, trophy. Now, this isn't going to be done within a few weeks. As I'm trying to get very detailed. So I am here to ask you, would you help to get another Bronco in a game. Even if its just a small mod/add-on. It's always nice to see. I cant compensate you for anything just FYI. I can look at Google. Ect ect. But if you want to help get down to the nitty-gritty and have your name posted in the credits that you helped with photos, information, sound, or whatever your contribution is, that's great I can have your username or real name whatever you want in the credits. If you tell me simple things like oh its got a 5.8l or a single snippet of your truck that's great information to use so I thank you for it ahead of time but credit will be given to the folk who help with more than a handful of things or depending on the value of information I guess.Hope this is allowed and hope everyone understands what I'm asking.Cheers and God bless!
  2. Just a PSA for anyone having a problem finding that they have a different style wheel bearing nut on their spindle. There was a several month limited interim production run for the 1996 model and it had a "acorn" type nut and a different spindle. The regular "castle type" socket will not remove the nut. I spent 3 days trying to figure it out and none of the forums mentioned and none of the 4x4 guys around here knew about it. The nut requires a 2 1/2 inch socket. The only place I found one was Pep Boys. Other places carried them, just none in stock. I added a pic of the one I finally used.
  3. Hey Ya'll... Pretty sure I am going to be really, really happy about finding this site. I am no stranger to to the Ford family and owned a 1992 F-150 4X4 that was lifted and had 36" tires but only had stock 302 drive train and rear end and I eventually killed the motor. I'll post pics later. So then I met what is now my wife and she is a huge fan of the Bronco so I bled over into the community. She loves the 92-96 Eddie Bauer editions. Anyway, I digress. So recently, a used auto salesman friend of ours is hanging with us on a Sunday and says...just picked up a Bronco at auction, haven't seen it yet. 1996, air, 1 owner, good shape, high miles...my wife says, "I'll take it!!", sight unseen. Now I am here and the restoration begins. Stay tuned to my other posts on the progress on each thing I tackle and first and foremost is the current rear end. Thanks, Roy
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