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  1. i have a tire rack that came off of my 96... i don't know where you are located but if you are interested i am willing to let it go....
  2. I am going to be doing the same thing very soon and some one told me that i need to change the lower intake.. I dont have the intake off the 351.. so do I need to find one or what do I need in this area.. thanks
  3. it rubs alittle when i back up and turn so i rolled the fender alittle and that solved that... but since this pic i had a blow out and now i am running 15/38.5x15 boggers and now it is back to rubbing a bit when backing.. but i have a 2 in body lift coming so it is going to solve that... thanks for the comments...
  4. 6in lift with 38x15.5x15 tsl radials... only a little trimming on the front bumper...
  5. Hop's Bronco

    My Baby

    '96 bronco 221k
  6. If your cable is broken in such a way that it hooks the other side of the cable in reverse and slips when it is in drive that will be that cause of why it only spins in one direction.... I had one do that to me on my 85 chevy..... Take it off and see if you can slid the inner cable out and check it....
  7. well i planed on a 8in lift and gear replacement for a set of 38's but it looks more like i am going to go with a 6in and 35's not real sure yet... I want the bigger truck of course but i really think it would be more usable as a daily driver and I already have 39.5 on my 83.... really dont think i need two money pits....
  8. You got that right.... Nice ride......
  9. Sure thing..... But don't forget the tip and at 15% off what they cost its a GOOD PENNY........ lol
  10. Damn don't sound to good with all that anger... So please explain because I have one on my bronco and it don't do to bad but I like to know what the future may hold...
  11. Thanks and hey I see I am not the only one that rocks to Pink Floyd... And as for as the smiley faces and other stickers.... They go to my little girl she love to remind me that she is good in school by putting them on the dash so "I can see them at all times while I am on my way to the store" HER WORDS ... LOL... love my baby's...
  12. I don't know everything there is to know but as far as I know there never was.....
  14. Just built my new console and wanted to see how yall like it???
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