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  1. I ahve to agree with the O2 sensor. An 88 does not have mass air, But I have seen the O2 in that era fall apart. They usually cause a lean condition in the ECM, thus causing excessive fuel being dumped into the motor for no reason. Couldnt hurt to pop it out and see for sure. If it is totally white, the truck is running too lean. If it is black, its too rich. If the casing has rotted away...(like normal), replace it, and you should be OK
  2. And all do apologies, but it sounds like more of a short in the electrical than an actual oil pressure problem. If you have acess to an actual oil pressure gague you can hook up manually, you can find out what is really going on. The factory gagues never have been the most reliable, and with a manual gague, you can get the best info to work with
  3. this topic, and my response, has obviously caused alot of inrest. I did not mean to offend antone, nor start an arguement about the grammar, spelling, or lack there of of the original post. I also do not believe that a reasonable nor constructive answer can come out of a question that is not properly worded to a point where no one can understand it. My comment was solely for the purpose of having someone ask a question in such a manner that it could be responded to with a legitimate response that would help not only the person that asked, but also anyone that looked it up on the past as well. I did feel that this site was not only one of learning and help, but also of free speech and opinion. If I am to be repremanded for asking someone to ask a clear question, Instead of having enough skills to not only find a PC, pull up a search engine, Find us online, and then register, yet not be able to type a perfectly good question in english?, then I no longer want anypart of this forum. So for the moderator that felt so empowered to warn me about MY OPINION, delete my account. Because my opinion is just that. Mine. And I will not opologize nor recant, just because someone doesn't like it.
  4. You can even buy the tinting thats shaped specifically for the windshields. I have bought them at different chain stores. They can be a real pain to install, but with enough patience, it can be done at home. I plan to do just that as soon as it warms up a little.
  5. Jersey


    Ive had the black ones rot out just as quick, but your right about the polishing bit. That can be a pain to get tar off and what not.
  6. I wanna get a bronco body for my nitro, havent had any luck finding one though.
  7. Jersey


    I dunno, I think the chrome nerf bars look good on my truck
  8. Must be those wonderful 7.3 injectors. If i knew then what I know now, i would have bought stock in um.
  9. I cant believe it still works! That is just the bypass for the air pump. The pump is constantly running pressure, and when the system still works right, it either sends the air into the emissions, or out of that by-pass muffler. I cant remember the last time i saw one that worked..
  10. LMAO! I'll have to use that on the LP that drives a wrecker for us at work. I tried to figure which one he is, but I'm pretty sure "cranky little @%$#" was not a dwarf. At least not the G rated movie anyway...lol
  11. Simple, yet funny. I love it.
  12. The TPS does not control Idle speed. The butterflys are fully closed when you are off the accelerator, (supposed to be), and the IAC valve controls the idle. Although a bad TPS will contribute to a rolling Idle, It will not cause a steady high idle. That is only caused by either 1: a vacuum leak 2: some knuckle head messed with the stop screw on the throttle plate. 3: the IAC valve is sticking or 4: the timing is off.
  13. These guys are correct in the fact that the screw was NOT designed to take the play out of the steering box. BUT, I have dealt with a lot of very high milage fords in which we have done this to help minimize the problem TEMPORARILY. If you do turn that screw, turn it no more than 1/4 turn, and thats only if the box has an extreme amount of play. If the play is in the shaft or tie rods, or anywhere else, it WILL bind up. So, like Bill said, if you are not sure exactly what you are doing, don't touch it.
  14. They do sell a kit that tests for blown head gaskets/heads. Its simple to use, and fairly accurate. It basically tests for exhaust gasses in the coolant. I get mine from the snap-on dealer, but I know I have seen simpler kits at local parts stores.
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