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  1. so i was talking to my step dad and he told me that its not actually cranking in the morning. basically he can't get ANY sign of life out of it. not a click or anything. so that changes things a little bit. it's baffling because in the afternoon it starts as soon as you hit the key the first time with no trouble at all.
  2. thanks for the input sorry for the slow reply i've been really buys. so yea the truck does crank and considering that it does run just fine in the afternoon i kinda put fuel and spark to the back of my mind. i was thinking either like ya'll the distributor cap or something like that. i could've sworn i had read something in my haynes about a barometric pressure sensor but now i can't find it. i was thinking maybe the barometric pressure was different in the morning or something... probably a shot in the dark but i agree with ya'll about the usual things that you do when you buy an old truck. the fuel filter looks brand new but i'm about to change the distributor cap and all that good stuff and see what happens.
  3. I'm working on an 87 with a strait six in it... i just bought it a few weeks ago. it refuses to start until about 10 in the morning. anything later than that it starts and runs fine. i don't even know where to begin diagnosing this. if anyone can give me some direction i would appreciate it.
  4. so this mechanic told me i had a lot of sludge in my oil that was keeping everything from circulating right.he said he got out as much as he could but that i should change the oil and replace two quarts of oil with two quarts of trans fluid which would help break up the sludge and run it like that for a few hundred miles then drain it. he said that would help my oil pressure problem. but every mechanically inclined person i ask about it has never heard of such a thing. some people say do that same method but with sea foam to break up the sludge. So my question is has anyone heard of doing this and if so is it really an effective way to remove sludgy oil and improve circulation? i'm working with an 82 with a 302 if that matters.
  5. cool, thanks. I'll probably just stick with a re-man 2 barrel for now then.
  6. i gotcha. i had a bad feeling about the whole used carb deal too. i knew i would need a new intake if i go up to a 4 barrel but as for the steep angles i dont need to worry about that. i live at the beach and we dont have hills. it will mostly be alot of sand and a little mud now and then. i took the truck out on the beach the other day and it seems to have plenty of power as it is. the only symptom of the bad carb is that when i need to stomp on the gas for whatever reason it stalls and is hard to restart. So i guess the question now is has anyone stepped up from a 2 to a 4 and is it worth the money involved.
  7. my mechanic says that my carb is to far gone to rebuild. He says that i need to get a new one. i was curious if it would be worth moving up to a 4 barrel at this point. it's an 82 with no other performance mods. Also i've seen some holley's for pretty cheap used on craigslist. if i get a used one what am i looking for to make sure its a good working carb. and finally what cfm size am i looking for, its a 302 engine and like i said has no other mods and i don't plan on doing much more down the road other than maybe an exhaust upgrade.
  8. so i talked to the mechanic today and he said the brake light issue was due to a wire problem in the back of the fuse block. i doubt i would've ever found that. anyway its something to check for someone else having this issue.
  9. yup, i checked all the fuses and they were all good. the hazard flasher is on the back of the fuse block and i couldnt really test that so i just replaced it. anyway the trucks at the shop now so i should know soon what the deal was and i'll get back to ya'll and let ya know.
  10. i finally got time to work on the truck and havent solved the problem yet although i do have a few more clues. i was looking at that wiring diagram miesk5 put up there and i noticed that the hazard flasher was connected to the brake stop switch. so i checked to see if i had hazard lights and i don't. i put in a new hazard flasher and a new brake stop switch on the pedal and still have nothing. i cleaned the grounds for both lights and checked to make sure i had the right bulbs. while down there i noticed some fluid leaking back through from the brake booster along the bar that conects to the pedal. i doubt this is related to the lights but may explain my stiff brake pedal. either way i'm still pretty stumped.
  11. has anyone else noticed that there are more 82 84 86 88's than there are odd years? rarely do you see an 85 or an 83 some 87's but not near as many as the even numbers. i dunno maybe its just me. haha.
  12. awesome stuff. i should've mentioned its an 82. i was kinda leaning awayfrom wiring because the bulbs work as tail lights when the headlights are on so there is power getting to them. but now that i think about it its probably a different wire going into it for the brakes so i'll check out that diagram and see. as for the vac lines going to the brake booster thats a very good possibility considering the condition of other vac lines in the truck i'll check that one out too. i know i didnt stand on the pedal hard enough to bend anything and nothing brake related has been changed recently, thats one of the things that kinda had me puzzled. but i'll check a few of these suggestions out and get back with ya'll.
  13. back before ebay and craigslist and with a lack of local junkyards i had to drive my 88 bronco for a few months in four wheel drive until i found a new rear driveshaft. it did fine. i'm sure its not good on your front end but in an emergency ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  14. i went to get my truck inspected the other day and among other things they found that i had no brake lights. i had checked everything a week ago and it was all working fine. does anyone have any idea why both brake lights would just stop working? i'm not sure if its related but now the brake pedal feels weird too. like i have to stand on it to get the truck to stop and its kinda slugish to return also...
  15. i'm leaning toward coolant temp sensor. i've changed a couple and had some fluid come out in the process of swapping them and it usually gathers right in that area and looks just like where you're showing your leak.
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