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  1. Bully Bob

    Solenoid ( starter relay) Wiring problems

    Hi wesside.., good job...!! Because that's a tough job starting from scratch. Here's a wiring diagram. The way I understand it.., there should be no voltage with key "off" ---- 6v with key in "on" (aka "run") position" 12v when key is turned to "start" . Is the key switch wired correctly..? Hope this helps.... B
  2. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    Forget that..., I just looked in an old book. The primary valve is on the "rear" of the MC. The secondary is on the "front". I'm assuming the rear brakes are the secondary. As for the proportioning valve..., I'm not sure. Maybe when installing the lines, they will line up with the correct holes on the valve. (assuming they're orig. hard lines)
  3. Bully Bob

    Extended Storage

    WOW..! Great look'n rig..!!! Sounds good...., Good job.
  4. Bully Bob

    Extended Storage

    I don't think it much matters.., the weather is warm so I'd drain it, put in the new oil & pour a bit in the new filter (not much 'cause it sits on an angle.) & go for it. A strong charged batt. helps. Again, a helper to watch for anything unusual while cranking/starting.
  5. Bully Bob


    Hi Skip, welcome..., Ditto M5's advice.., however you could give a bit more info. to help us help you. i.e. "will not start" could mean eng. doesn't turn over when you turn the key to "start". OR it could mean the eng. spins when you turn the key but does not "come to life/fire up"..!! A few drops of fuel down the throat of the carb., then turn the key (assuming the eng. rotates) will tell you if it's a fuel or ignition issue. If it attempts to run.., it's not the ignition..., it's a fuel issue. No fire.., it's ignition issue. Have you R&R;d distributors B/4..? you may have it in 180deg. off or somewhere in between. Can you give us some info. about your mech. experience..? And, any other info. about your rig & any other mods relating to engine setup..? Assume this is a V/8.., is it auto or stick.? Is it a stock 302, etc. (I'm not sure what a "Duro spark box" is) (Is this an Autozone ignition module.?) Point being, it's really tough to solve these issues without knowing the specifics. Don't give up.., it's probably a simple fix.
  6. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

  7. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    Chuck., www.tomsbroncoparts.com has your Junction Block +-$85 Part # 2635 PH #(541) 779-1339 I don't think this one., or your current one is re-buildable or made to be taken apart. (they will know)
  8. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    By me.., I've not done this task. Maybe someone who has will chime in. (I didn't know they were serviceable, as in being able to be taken apart.)
  9. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    KEWL..!!!! We here won't give up on ya..., it's probable just some little thing.... Those brakes should put ya thru the windshield...
  10. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    My bad.., mine has no adj. either. (must have been the Land Cruisers) Where you're at now.., sounds like the M/C still has issues. When I do drum brakes.., I put the drums on with the shoes lightly rubbing the drum when turning the drum by hand. That way, you don't have to mess with that adjustment tool. (they will break-in soon anyway) That's the only other thing that would cause what you describe. (way too loose shoes) EXCEPT.., you can get a new/faulty M/C these days. PS When you bled the wheel cyl. did you do right rear, left rear, right front, left front..? (this usually insures no air in the lines.) WHEN are we gonna see some (resto-rig) pics...?????
  11. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    BTW., I have 4 wheel drums & my rig stops on a dime & gives 5c change. (no P/B) Ford built these rigs to "STOP" as well as ""GO" ----- don't let anyone tell you different.
  12. Bully Bob

    75 brake issues

    Hi cdaye.., A couple questions.. Do you have good experience working on power/non power hydraulic brakes.? BTW., which do you have.? Is the pedal hard when it stops moving or "squishy"..? "pressure differential valve" (porp. valve) is simply a "restrictor" ...., allowing LESS pressure to the rear so in medium/hi braking.., the back wheels won't lock up/skid. These rarely fail. However, they can get plugged with improper fluid maint. You likely have the dual M/C ...? They can be tricky to fully bleed. Also, the brake peal "push-rod" has to be adjusted properly or the M/C won't re-set correctly when pressure is released. Were the "good brakes" present B/4 you did these up-grades.? New shoes yes/no.? ---- "OVER" ----
  13. Bully Bob

    78 XLT Split Bench seat covers.

    You can chck out www.jcwhitney.com for one.
  14. Bully Bob

    Extended Storage

    There is a way to pump up the oil pressure prior to start but it involves R&R'ing the dizzy. OR- You can pump it up a bit by pulling the ctr. dizzy wire..., then crank the eng. a bit. You may see a flicker in the oil pressure gage. Put the wire back on & fire it up. How's the carb..? Someone should watch while cranking so as to be sure it isn' t over flowing due to a stuck float or needle-n-seat. Don't want any "fire"
  15. Bully Bob

    Fuel Tank Install

    They made/make these repl. tanks to work with all EB model years. Some yrs. have a fumes catcher behind the dr. side seat, in front of the wheel well. (part of the smog garbage) Rubber lines were used on them. Some carbs (as I recall) have a return to tank requirement. one nipple can be used for that. If you don't need either.., leave them plugged. Also.., I believe you'd need a "vented" gas cap.