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  1. Thanks guys, great info. Miesk5, I will do a self test today and grab the codes. If the ECT sesor is cheap I may try that as well. I did have a coolent leak due to a worn out hose that I fixed prior to my last trip.
  2. My gear ration is great...but hard to hit 70 MPH. Thinking of replaceing my engine. Have done it in a mustang. Anything unusual here? I have a 91 with a 302 and EFI.
  3. Shop says this isn't it, so I'm not sure what's up. Need to find out a solution otherwise I'll have to sell her. Got her for hunting and she needs to make 6 hours to do that. Suggestions?
  4. Dagger_91Beast

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    New bumper
  5. Nope. It made 2 good 3 hr trips, but gave me trouble heading out to hunt this week. Taking it into the shop today. Will post when I get it back.
  6. Just had it fab'ed by my father n law. Nothing fancy, but I love it. Unfortunately he apparently didn't know that the tailgate needs to come down (notice the place location). Any thoughts on how to relocate it beyond having to weld another bracket to the back bumper?
  7. Thanks. Looks like the caption is specific to 95-96. Would this still apply to my 91?
  8. Yes it is, and it's the one I wanted - but couldn't find anywhere to buy it now. I had one fab'ed using 3" pipe. Not as pretty, but servicable.
  9. I think you're well covered for your first two questions, but you can never have too many ideas. I just had front and rear bumpers fab'ed for me, so here are some of the ones I looked at. Perfect_Bumper.bmp
  10. I have a 91 with a 302 and EFI. Been running great and took it about 3 hrs away to get new bumpers on a hot Texas afternoon. Drove fine, air OK, but when I pulled into town is tried to die at the first stop light. Continued to jump and snort every time I hit the gas after stopping. Once I got back on the highway it was fine, but gave me the same issue when I got into a neighborhood. It was as if it wasn't getting any gas. Checked the line for issues and found none. Vapor lock? Suggestions?
  11. I am getting leaks around the bolts out of my stock valve covers and need to take them off to replace the gasget. Depending upon how they look I will either just clean them up or replace them. I'd love suggestions for good replacements but my real problem is the removal. I've removed valve covers on all of my mustangs without a problem, but there is a lot of JUNK between me and the bolt on my Bronco. Any tricks you guys have used to make this easier? thanks,
  12. Thanks Seabronc, Ended up being a frayed cable linkage. Just got stuck in the housing. Replaced the cable and back to good.
  13. Had some exciting hunting last weekend. Took the beast out North of Dallas to go duck hunting. She's hard to get up to 70 due to tires and gears, but got there and hit cruise. Worked fine till I came off the highway and it wouldn't come out of cruise. Crushed the breaks to turn onto a side street with the engine screaming. Had to slam it into park to turn off the ignition. Turned it on
  14. Don't know if this will help, but heres a pic of mine. I tried it with 2 and it didn't feel as smoth as with just the single.
  15. Tried to find this answered in the forum but couldn't get a straight answer. I'm looking to replace my front and back bumpers with tubes. I have a buddy who can fab one for me, but I've found 2 that are just want I want for about $400. The problem is they come off of an 85 and an 82. Will those year bumpers fit my 91? Thanks,
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