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  1. Greetings from the NW. It's almost winter 2010. The project begins... Here are some pics of the beginning. I will update soon... ...JJG
  2. I'm doing the same: 69 250 six w/ c4 auto in a 68 Bronco that has a 170 w/ three speed manual. And yes, it uses a small block bellhousing. Keep in mind that for a manual on a 250 six, you have to use a six cylinder flywheel. The good thing is that you can use a 250, 240 or a 300 flywheel. Best to get a complete bellpack from one of these. And yes, you have to make an oil pan by "melding" a 170/200 rear sump pan to the 250 front sump pan. IIRC ford never made a rear sump 250 pan. ...JJG
  3. Greetings all, Found your great site, Thought I'd show my good fortune. I rescued this old horse from a mill a while back. Was sitting on blocks and lookin sad at the time. It had been there all it's life and never off road. Has 44.000 original miles and just the little "factory" rust spots. I have been slowly fixin it here and there. Everything works, and drives like it has low miles. It's an all stock U14 with 170, 3spd, 4.11. I have a full cage in it now, and plan on sliding in the 250 six I have in the garage. Just need to make the 250 rear sump pan that Ford forgot to build. Does anyone already have one made that they want to part with? ....JG
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