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  1. if you read the link it says black w tinted windows, thats looks like a file picture, i also noticed u can special order the snap style and im sure the price will lower give it 6 months for the hype to wear down
  2. found this and thought id share it for you all to see, it finally happened! http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-35601_...ted_windows.htm
  3. alright ill keep that in mind. and the autofab isnt cheap ethier its like 750 w shipping i guess its time for the yellow book thanks for you help
  4. no one around here builds anything like that, this isnt a big 4x4 town there is one place but they charge n arm and a leg for the regular grill guards(i got the same one online for 200 bucks vs the 550 they wanted) as for building...id have to fin a welder and pipe binder the welder i have is for small stuff that i bought to practice on i geuss ill have to keep looking or do what roadkill suggest and go threw autofab.. thanks for the info tho
  5. hello guys its been quite some time since ive logged in and have posted any thing but i recently bought me a 1977 Harley Davidson that ive been rebuilding so my bronco upgrades have been put on hold but i got some extra cash and want a new bumper (the stock one got nice n bent getting yanked out.... > ) i want a bumper like this one and i can only find them for the 78-79 years and was wondering how different the frames were and how much work it would be to make this bumper fit my 1990
  6. On my way to work my bronco just died and wouldnt start back up there was wut smelled like PSF on the booster but the pump was full and so was my tranny, it was cranking but not sparking so we towed it home and the next day it started right up no proplem would this be a bad igtion or pick up? or is my bronco jelous cuz i have to park her and buy a ranger cuz 20mpg is better the 9 (lol) any ideas?
  7. alright cool ill check them out n see wut my budget is thanks alot
  8. throttle body would be my next step seeing that the stock one has to come off anyway to replace the TPS wut is the best TB for a good price? n wut size do i get?
  9. i need to get some more power outta my 5.0 its having some trouble running down the highway with my mud tires n doesnt wanna run about 68mph smoothly i was thinking about a throttle Body replacement and was wondering if that it is worth the time/money (gotta remove it anyway to get to the TPS so i figured get a proformance one while im at it??) if its worth it what size? n should i do a intake manifold upgrade to? anyone go ideas for some more power? thanks in advance
  10. ok i read the link n im gunna give this a try what a great write man geuss i was just being lazy :-" n skipped the readings thanks for ur help man
  11. geuss i should have read that link first lol
  12. im not throwing an check lights n i dont have a code reader but ill look in2 to, i didnt think to hookin it up to the reader cuz i got no lights on lol is the TPS bolt on or adjustable? and can u tell me where the MAP Sensor is and where its located?
  13. while sitting in the parking lot of my work waiting for my boss i had my bronco at idle with the A/C at full blast then i notice my RPM twitching weirdly n the engine flexuating (sorry for the spelling on that ) then driving home the rmp was twitching still n the bronco had a small jump/jerk to it plus loss of power a bit any ideas? i just put new plugs, wires,cap n a roter in it like 3 weeks ago n was running fine untill today im thinking dead cylinder or missfire? hopefully something stuiped n simple like my air cleaner is clogged lol can some one help me so i can get back to my restoration plans lol
  14. thanks guys but it turns out the a couple of the plug wires wherent on all the way and the clicking was the spark jumping the gap and the huge bang that i heard was a backfire from one of the clyndiers that wasnt getting spark untill i gunned it and the full cyilder full of gas burned with a BANG lol
  15. i put new plugs n wires on my bronco and im hearing wut sounds like a lifter knocking now?? i was driving it and when i gave it gas to get on the interstate i heard this big BANG like something blew out the side of the motor and not its shaking pretty bad is it just that the plug is messed up? or is something serious going on now? sound have just used the old shitty plugs lol
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